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List of Contact Details of all Advance Locality Management (ALMs) is available at

T Ward Advance Locality Management  

ALM list as per BMC ward record as on January 1, 2006  

Sr. No. Name of a Person Local Address Tel No. Email Remarks form ALMs
1 Dr. Sudha Shah Devidayal Rd. Near Municipal Office,
Reeta Apt.
Res: 25600517, Off: 25602900/ 25917337 Cost of bins is high, BMC is not interested
2 Dr. Veena Thakur Palm Acre Society, D wing,
  V.B. Phadake road
9869722206 No The activities are takem over by Stree Mukti Sanghatana
3 Mrs. Ayer Palm Acre Society, D wing, 
V.B. Phadake road
- - -
4 Mrs. Madhura Oak Palm Acre Society, D wing, 
V.B. Phadake road
- - -
5 Mrs.Phaphle Gokhale Road, Mulund (W) - - -
6 Mr. R.K. Chalwar Satyadham, Vidyapeeth Marg,
Mulund (W)
- - -
7 Shri. Omranjan Dr. Ambedkar Road, 
Mulund (W)
- - -
8 Dr. Mrs. Paditya Navghar Road, No. 1 
Mulund (E)
- - -
9 Shri. Ketkar Deep Laxmi Coop Soc.,
 Mulund (W)
- - -
10 Shri Thakkar Chandralok Soc,
 Mulund (W)
- - -
11 Mr. Kolkarbhai Mithagar Road,
 Mulund (W)
- - -
12 Mr. Nainal Jeevan Nagar, 
- - -
13 Mrs. Shingikar Tridal COOP, Hsg, Soc., 
Mithagar Road, Mulund (W)
- - -
14 Mr. H. T. Kalani Anant Coop Soc.  - - -
15 Shri. Smir Shah Kailash Tower - - -
16 Shri S.T. Yadav Near Vyayamshala, 
Nahur Gaon
25609042 -` No response
17 Smt. Teresa D'sa Vimal Building, Sarvoday Nagar 55982763 No No support from Licence dept and Building department
18 Shri. Madhu
Shrinivas Society, Nahur Village 25626538 (No. Does not exist) No Tel. No. does not exist
19 Babu hawdhary

Indira Nagar No. 3

9870378380 No Not aware of ALM committee

ALM List- Total No. 19

ALM details from other BMC Sources

Location / Address Contact Persons B.M.C.           Junior officer No. of families covered Segregation Done Garbage Consumed Vermiculture/
Date of initiating Problem Remark
Dry kg/day Wet kg/day
Devidayal Rd. Near Municipal Office, Reeta Apt. Dr, Sudha Shah 
Mr. Puntambekar
Mr.Bhagwat-25129092/ 9821131124 (Does not exist)
24 Yes           Cost of bins, BMC support  
Sewerage Pumping Station       Yes            
Mulund Sport Complex        Yes            
Palm Acere Society        Yes            
Municipal Hospital        Yes            
Mun. Garden Chintamani Deshmukh Garden        Yes            
Municipal Nursery  H.A. 'T' Ward      Yes            
Mira Rd. Mun. Nursery  H.A. 'T' Ward      Yes            
Goshala Rd citizen cleanliness Association  Mr. Ranjana Ramesh Phapale      Yes            
Satyadhyan Vidyapath Marg  R.K. Chiniwar 25685024 (Wrong no.)     Yes            
Dr. ambedkar Rd. Citizen Asso. R/ Swa, Omatiam  25651542 (Wrong No.)     Yes            
Navghar Rd. No. 1 Dr. Mrs. Padaliya 25676656 (no. does not exist )     Yes            

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