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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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SBC's Suggestions:
Suggestions for household and hotel waste are:
- segregating organic, recyclable, and debris waste at the building level itself
- give the recyclable waste to ragpickers
- treat the organic waste via vermiculture at the community level itself
- the balance waste to be in bins in the building itself, and not in public places
- debris to be disposed at specific areas in an utilitarian way e.g. landscaping
- medical waste to be autoclaved and disposed in a particular way.

Pestom Sagar Citizens Forum, Chembur:

Pestom Sagar Citizens Forum, Chembur has the biggest ALM set up. We also are carrying out vermiculture in a big way. For the last four years we have been collecting and recycling the Nirmalya of Ganeshotsav in our circular vermiculture pit around a unique garden.
Since 2000 our area zero garbage and we have done away with all the dustbins; we employ our own sweepers and clean the roads twice. For more details please get in touch with:
Dr.Vijay Sangole, Convener, ALM, New Natraj Society, Road 6 , Pestom Sagar, Chembur, Mumbai-400089
Phone 25221126

Ramita Mehta: 
I am ready to take charge of cleaning activity in my area of Kandivali (E) and not whole R south.  
I will be able to take care of Lokhandwala Township, Akurli Road, Damu Nagar, Appa Pada, Mhada, Ashok Nagar, Kirti Nagar etc.

Rishi Aggarwaal - decentralised waste management
My interest has been decentralised waste management. Within that there are various issues like encouraging varius individuals and companies which have or are already carrying out very effective solutions at a lesser cost and less damage to the environment. The corporation needs to give incentives for such ventures to take of at the neighbourhood level. Also things like garbage segregation at the building level has not picked up. Corporation needs to give incentives in such a manner that all these stakeholders are encouraged rather than the no-brainer pick and dump approach being followed now. Have been involved over four years but very actively in the past month with SWM in Lokhandwala Complex. 


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