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BMC - suggested steps for any campaign incl. littering - by Tanya Mahajan

Pl add / elaborate/detail/expand. We want to recommend it as a standard part of any BMC policy framework document. Thanks. Vinay

MCGM - steps for any campaign (after launching of campaign)

All info to be available in various languages at the Ward offices and MCGM website and involved citizen groups.

- Policy document (usually even this is not available)

- Procedure document (including forms)

- FAQ - to answer stakeholders' queries

- Helplines  - (for specific issue, not general MCGM help-line) - to answer queries, record complaints, receive feedback, etc.

- Names of officers - in charge of implementation

- Names of experts/consultants - empanelled by MCGM (or not), who will assist (for a fee) citizens in implementing/ understanding the campaign

- Resource directory of agencies who can provide services related directly or indirectly to the issue under consideration

- Trainers for training of  a) MCGM staff     b) all stakeholders

- Comprehensive media campaign that will include TV ads, radio messages, SMS alerts, printed publicity material - posters, brochures, etc for info dissemination

- Schools and Colleges programme

- Easy to read manuals (in all languages) to explain new concepts

- Demonstration models in each ward/across the city, so as to instill confidence in citizens

- Documentation of successful initiatives that will be show-cased as examples to follow. Yearly competitions and prizes.

- Periodic review by citizens and MCGM jointly of the campaign/programme, against projected targets for the campaign and provision to introduce changes where required. (flexibility) 

- Website to display all information, and be updated frequently reflecting the actual direction of the campaign. 


BMC Solid Waste Management (Prohibition of Littering and Regulation of Segregation, Storage, Delivery and Collection) Rules 2006  
  - Index of Rules
Complete Rules  
- Implementation Schedule  
  - Guiding Principles  
- Suggested steps for any campaign incl. littering 

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