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Dear Members,  

Three years back SAVE Forum was formally registered as a NGO and had promised to work towards clean environment, better civic amenities and protecting open public spaces in our area of operation from Four Bugalows to Versova. Till date we have been able to enroll 80 Individual and 12 Society members. It is thanks to their support and financial contribution  the Forum has been able to undertake the following activities.  

  1. Raheja Complex Playground

The Forums consistent efforts in the last three years and the pressure built up by  the collective strength of the residents by hoisting the National flag  on different occasions has compelled the Developers to finally agree to put open the playground by Dec 2004.  

  1. Versova Beach

The presence of legal slumdwellers (1,800 dwellings) of Sagar Kutir  is a handicap for the beautification and use of the beach. We have been finding ways with the authorities to relocate the slum so that the beach can be made accessible for recreation. Relocation being a sensitive and a big task we are seeking cooperation from the elected representatives and top bureaucrats to find an amicable solution.  

  1. Mangroves on Survey No 161 Versova.

Since the inception of the Forum we realized the importance of the protection of the coastal area from erosion and the role of the mangroves in the larger marine eco system. We took up the matter with the State authorities to stop the rampant dumping of debris to protect the mangroves. However due to the vested interest of construction lobby no concrete steps were initiated by the State Government compelling us to move the Ministry Of Environment and Forests (MoEF), New Delhi . Continuous and persuasive providing of documentary and visual evidences led to the appointment of a special committee by the MoEF. The finding of this committee led to the issuing of directions to the State Government on 2nd Oct 2001 to take steps for the protection and rejuvenation of the mangroves.  

Failure of the State Govt. to carry out the MoEF’s directives forced us to file a writ petition (No 1126) in the Bombay High Court on 22nd April 2002. The Forum appointed Shri Raju Moray, known environmentalist and public interest advocate to represent it’s case. He has been kind enough to charge us half of his fees in the larger interest of the environment. Due to the vigilant efforts of the Forum members police could take action against the illegal dumping and the advocate could impress upon the court the urgency and importance of taking preventive and remedial steps to protect the mangroves. Accordingly the High Court has directed the Chief Secretary of Maharashtra to put barricades on the approach roads to the mangrove site, put up High Tide Line  (HTL) demarcation signs and warning boards against dumping and destroying of mangroves. A project report in collaboration with SAVE Forum has been prepared by the Additional Municipal Commissioner (WS) which has been submitted to the High Court by the Chief Secretary which envisages the removal of all the debris and constructing a bund on the landward side of the HTL to protect and rejuvanate the mangroves.   

However it seems that no further concrete steps are coming forth from the authorities, forcing us to focus public opinion on the above issue by taking steps like mangrove plantation drives etc. Inspite of all our efforts if the Government fails to fulfill its promises and act on its legal assurances, we take this opportunity of informing you that we might have to take our battle to the streets.  

4.      Juhu Versova Link  Road  

The Forum has obtained the permission from BMC to beautify the above road and we have approached corporate sponsors but due to the encroachment by illegal auto garages they are reluctant to invest in the project. We are pursuing with the concerned authorities to remove the menace.  

A small beginning has been done along with the Green Cross Society to beautify and maintain the Bon Bon Road by using old tyres for plantation.  

Traffic issues of this road has been time and again highlighted to the traffic department to ease the congestion. Movement of Heavy Motor Vehicles has been restricted on the road along the Nana Nani Park .  

Due to the Forum’s effort a bus service (Route No 221) was started on this road after so many years. Further diversion of other bus routes on this road are under active consideration. Hope the use of public conveyance will help to decongest the traffic.  

5.      Public Library at Jade Building , Raheja  Complex, Seven Bungalows.  

The forum has given notice to the Planning authority (BMC) to initiate criminal proceedings for causing wrongful loss to the residents of the area and a wrongful gain to the landowners and developers by changing the user of this plot from Municipal Primary School to Public Library. However the developers have assured to start the Library at the earliest on getting the allotment from BMC.  

6.      Development of R.G & garden  on Survey No 161 Versova, Layout No 6.  

The federation of plot owners of layout No. 6 ( Roop Rang, Green Blaze and New Cosmos) have failed in fulfilling their legal obligation of developing the above reserved amenities for public use. The Forum has taken up the issue  with the BMC and the Collector’s office who are responsible for enforcing this obligation. In action on the part of the authorities may compel us seek legal redressal.  

7.      Protecting unprotected open spaces under threat of encroachment.  

Forum initiated steps to protect the open space opposite Natasha tower and between Magnumopus and Tropicana by greening the area with the help and support of the resident’s of the area. Forum would like to support such local initiative as long as the residents would take the responsibility of maintaining the same.  

8.      Promenade :  

     In our battle to protect the mangroves we have been successful in pressing upon the legal and civic authorities to create a 4 meter wide and 3 meter high bund along the 1,8 km long HTL by removing the dumped debris on Survey No 161, Versova. As soon as the above bund is created we would like to develop the same as a promenade along the mangroves for the larger recreational use of the residents. Pankaj Joshi, architect and  SAVE Forum Founder Member has done extensive work on this project combining the aesthetic features along with the idea of protecting the mangroves. ( Promenade plan attached). We hope you will realize the importance of the promenade and will extend your unwavering moral, physical and financial support.  

     How we used your contribution.  

Enclosed find income and expenditure statements for the year ending March 2002, 2003 and 2004.  

You, will appreciate that the Forum cannot achieve its objectives without funds. This calls for your timely annual contribution of membership fees and the efforts to enroll more and more concerned individuals and Housing Socities as our members. 
 (Kindly find the attached Membership Form for your annual fees).  

We take this opportunity to thank you for your support and good wishes and look forward to your suggestion and active participation.

Dear Citizens,  

SAVE Forum needs your support, help and participation.  

What is SAVE Forum?

Various civic-minded citizens of our area (staying between 4 bungalows and Versova) who were working in small groups for the betterment of their surrounding areas realized the need to work under an umbrella body for more effective and forceful representation of their civic issues. Thereafter they organized under the banner of SAVE Forum (Save Andheri Versova Environment forum) and registered, as a public charitable trust in the year 2001.  

The core group of SAVE Forum:  

*Ms. Usha Kiran                Rtd. Software Professional         * Mr. Manek  Shah       Businessman

*Mr. A.G.K. Nair              Rtd. Serviceman                          *Dr. Rajni Desai          Doctor

*Mr. Lal Jote                      Rtd. P.R. Professional                 *Mr. Yusuf Mulani      Advocate

*Mr. Rajesh Vora               Photojournalist                            *Mr. Deepak Mehta     Govt.Service

*Mr. Rahul Brar                 Businessman                               *Mr. Pankaj Joshi         Architect

*Mr. Pravin Chauhdhary   I.T. Professional


Role of SAVE Forum.

The Forum will play the role of a watchdog of our area and will fight against the violation of any of our civic rights or irregularities which are prejudicial to the existence of a clean and healthy environment.  

Activities of SAVE Forum

  1. PLAYGROUND IN RAHEJA COMPLEX: On 26th January 2001 the Forum organized a citizens rally on the plot of land located in the Raheja Complex at Seven Bungalows to press for the right to have a playground on a plot reserved for the same. Since then the Raheja’s have commenced the work of developing the plot as a playground and have assured us that the same will be opened to the citizens of this area at the earliest. Forum is actively pursuing the matter with the MCGM and Raheja’s.
  1. GARBAGE DISPOSAL AWARENESS: The Forum is actively coordinating with various ALM’s of our area and the Green Cross to spread the message for the need of segregating, recycling and converting the wet garbage into manure by the process of vermiculture.
  1. VERSOVA BEACH BEAUTIFICATION: Along with the Save Versova Beach Association our Forum is actively pursuing the matter of relocating the Sagar Kutir settlement to make way for its adoption and further beautification. Our endeavor will be to restore the Versova beach to its old glory for the benefit of the citizens. Initial progress has been made to protect the mangroves on the beach by fencing the area.
  1. HAWKING & NON-HAWKING ZONES: The forum has done a survey of existing hawkers in our area and are involved with the authorities in solving the hawking problem. 
  1. SAVE VERSOVA MANGROVES MOVEMENT: For over one year the Forum has been fighting vigorously to protect and save the mangroves on the west of Juhu Versova Link road. Due to our efforts and support from the Press and TV we have been successful in preventing any further degradation of the area. In view of the failure of the State Govt. to save the mangroves in the CRZ area and punish and penalize the culprits involved in its wanton destruction, the Forum has filed a writ petition in the Mumbai High Court.

Proposed Activities of SAVE Forum:

  1. PROMENADE ALONG THE VERSOVA MANGROVES: Once we get a clearance from the State Govt. the Forum proposes to build a promenade like the one at Carter Road , Bandra. This massive project will not only protect the mangroves but will create open spaces for the recreational benefits of the residents of our area. 
  1. BEAUTIFYING JUHU VERSOVA LINK ROAD: As soon as the construction work of the above road is completed we propose to beautify the same by greening the road divider area, planting trees along both sides of the road and maintaining the footpaths.
  1. GARDEN OPPOSITE NATASHA TOWER : The forum will pursue with the MCGM and the Suburban Collector to develop the plot which is reserved for a garden. 
  1. PUBLIC LIBRARY IN “JADE” BUILDING: As per the Development Plan the developers have reserved space in the said building for a public library. The Forum will ensure that the citizens get the benefit of this amenity at the earliest.
  1. INCULCATING CIVIC VALUES IN YOUNG GENERATION: The Forum proposes to use the platform provided by schools and colleges in our area to spread the message of civic awareness and the importance of remaining vigilant by conducting workshops, seminars, debates and projects from time to time.

How you can help us:

  1. By becoming a member -- Individual, Society, Life and Patron.
  2. By giving donation to the Forum which qualify for deduction under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961.
  3. By participating in various activities of the Forum.
  4. By giving us meaningful and valuable suggestions for the civic improvement of our area. 

Your response and cooperation will go a long way in strengthening our cause and movement.  

Thanking you,  


Rajesh Vora

Secretary, SAVE Forum  


Category                                  Fees  

INDIVIDUAL                         (  ) Rs. 100 per annum  

SOCIETY                                (  ) Rs. 1000 per annum (for societies with up to 25 members)
(  ) Rs. 2500 per annum (for societies with up to 75 members)
                                                (  ) Rs. 5000 per annum (for societies with more than 75 members)  

Individual Life Member         () Rs. 1500  

PATRON                                () Rs  2500 (donation)  

Tick the appropriate box ().  

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Rajesh Vora 
Secretary, SAVE Forum

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner