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St. Andrews Road (N) Resident’s ALM Association
Contact Person: Mr. Xavier Louis, Secretary of the ALM
Address: Flat No. 1, Bandra Saroj,
225 St. Andrews Road ,
Bandra, Mumbai
Tel: 26405243
Ward: H West
BMC Counselor for ward no. 74: Ms. Kavita Rodridges 

The ALM had been formed in February 2004 and is operational since then. It had been initiated with the help of Ms. Shama Kulkarani, who had been the chairperson of the Federation (i.e. a group of ALMs) of all ALMs in H/W area. It covers an area of 22 buildings including 7 bungalows. The ALM had regular meetings immediately after its inception. The ritual of holding meetings is still continued but at a slower pace. Presently, meetings take place once in two months. There are 3-4 active members and 2 office bearers.  


The ALM took the help of their local corporator and MLA to get things going for the ALM. At times, the members had to put lot of pressure and do lot of following up with the concerned government officials in order to get their tasks done. Various activities that had been taken up by them werre:

  • Construction and resurfacing of road.
  • Drainage related repair work including storm water drainage.
  • Putting up lids to cover the manholes.
  • Segregation between dry and wet waste by the resident families and manual composting of the waste. The manure produced from composting is being used in the building compounds itself. BMC trucks have also be arranged daily which come to take the left over garbage of that area.
  • Plantation of trees and plants along the roadside.
  • Rounded up with traffic police to fix up the parking problem in the area.
  • Publish a house magazine called “Activist” once in three months financed by the Federation.

Good Practices:

  • Using the strengths of Federation as a means towards the end. Support from the federation made implementation of a task easier.

Problems faced:

  • Lack of cooperation and participation from the residents of the ALM. All the resident families did not segregate their waste, sweepers also exhibited their unwillingness to take up the task and this created a problem for composting of the collected waste. People did litter around in the building and on the roads and pavements thus dirtying the roads. Most of the members did not come forward to work for the ALM and did not participate in the meetings. There had been a proposal to collect Rs. 30/- every month from each resident family so that expenses related to the ALM’s work could be taken care of. But, only a few families paid that amount. Many a times, the office bearers had to spend from their own pocket, which reduced their enthusiasm to put their energies and efforts towards the functioning of the ALM.
  • Lack of cooperation from the government side- Members of the ALM had to literally run around the BMC offices and concerned BMC officials to discuss about the problems in their area and get the required help. Lack of cooperation from the government officials adversely affected the motivation level of the people working towards the cause.
  • Lack of funds for carrying out the work- There were no grants or funds available from the govt. that could be utilized for the above purpose. The ALMs were bound to raise their own resources in order to maintain a smooth flow of activities.
  • Overburdened volunteers- people who volunteered to take up the responsibility of the ALM often found themselves involved in a number of ALM’s activities. For example- fund raising, organizing and conducting meetings with the other members as well as BMC officials, implementation of the tasks and activities taken up etc. Overburdening reduced the efficiency and effectiveness of the work that was being done.
  • Lack of support and cooperation from the nearby slum community- ALM found it difficult to work in collaboration with the members of the slum community.
  • Work done by BMC was not up to the mark and was unsatisfactory- work such as garbage collection, drainage work, surfacing of the roads etc. 


  • Federations to be made stronger- federations serve as a platform for all the ALMs of an area to come together. Many a times, they come across similar problems. Therefore, working in collaborative manner would be very useful for each ALM as the constraint on resources would get lessened and also a pressure group can be formed while interacting with BMC.
  • Working of the ALM should be made formal and institutionalized (to some extent). Regular meetings should be made compulsory for all the ALMs and their work should be checked and monitored. Ways and means should be worked out to ensure that the ALM and its members get full support and cooperation from the BMC due to them. 

Impression about the ALM

The ALM’s performance can be rated as ‘Average’. Though the ALM had taken up some initiatives and activities, but it appeared as though its pace of working had slowed down. Nothing creative or innovative could be seen in the working of the ALM.

by Snigdha Jain, TISS Student, interning with

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