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Ref  : Drainage laws 2006


SAAF AANGAN (Mumbai formula)


Stop encroachment

The B.M.C gives permission at Rs. 3/- per year on lease for keeping aangan saaf and encroachment away.  You have to make an application on ordinary paper giving location and SAAF AANGAN plan to the local ward office.  This programme does not infringe constitutional rites, (freedom of movement) legislature, Judiciary executives because road is meant for driving and footpath for walking.



The Definition of Saaf Aaangan

The frontage of your residence, shop or work place denoting the length of the boundary (or from the compound wall if any) to the center of the road including footpath if there is one.  The application can be made individually or by groups also.  Charge of Rs. 3/- are for the entire area.  You have to keep the Aangan Saaf.


Cleanliness is beautification itself

In the application you have to give the location of the area.  In the Saaf Aangan ,you may place the kundis, which should not come in the way of Pedestrian or Vehicle traffic.  Paint the barks of the trees if existing, ˝ meter chuna at the bottom and above ˝ meter gheroo and again ˝ meter chuna above it.  If there are any unauthorized hawkers or zopadpattis.  Police and B.M.C help can be sought.  The details if required contact the undersigned.  Start taking steps before the encroacher starts.  The potholes may be leveled if not tarred or cemented.  Competitions can be organized.


(Commissioner’s letter to be accompanied along with the application)


This programme is sustainable, environment friendly, will not come in your normal working hours, affordable, stops the encroachment and keeps the city clean and green.  It will bring in awareness in the citizens and help to bring the crime rate down.


Separate the wet garbage and dry garbage at the source.  The wet garbage should be collected in the bucket, to be off loaded in the authorized dustbin.  This bucket can be reused.  Dry garbage can be collected in the waste paper basket and sizeable quantity may be given at intervals to the rag picker, (who is also a business) free of cost.  You will get the blessings.  More blessings if plastic and paper, etc. separated.






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