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Some information on Saaf Aangan from Madhu Savant:

Some places in Mumbai where Saaf Aangan has been implemented:
  • N.Dutta Marg, 4 Bungalows, Andheri West - the ALM has taken up the entire road
  • B.D.Sawant Marg, between HLL and Gold Spot factory, near the Western Express highway, Andheri East - taken up by Mr.Sawant's NGO I Clean Mumbai - road named after Mr.Sawant's father
  • 10 years back, I Clean Mumbai initiated Saaf Aangan with 83 Police Stations in Mumbai - police stations are noticeably clean, with potted plants, and frontage is always encroachment free.
  • Police Officers' Colony in Yari Road, Andheri West - has adopted the road in front of their Colony
  • Reliance Energy in Santacruz East has adopted Saaf Aangan
  • Schools - BMC is supposed to keep a 150 m stretch around all schools in Mumbai encroachment free - and hence Saaf Aangan is implementable easily for schools
  • Some Government offices: the Sales Tax Office in Bandra has implemented Saaf Aangan
Some other points:
  • Implementation of Saaf Aangan does not require any money to be spent
  • Implementation of Saaf Aaangan does not violate any constitutional or legal or judicial law / act / rights of any people - since the footpath is for walking, and roads are for travelling - and hence they must be kept clean and encroachment free.
  • Saaf Aangan can even be implemented in declared hawking zones, where hawker pitches are demarcated on the footpath - as the hawkers can be persuaded to co-operate in implementing Saaf Aangan and providing litter baskets / bins, thus attracting more customers to a clean environment
  • encroachers / hawkers ask those citizens who try to keep the footpath clean and encroachment free, if the footpath belongs to them - the answer is yes, it does belong to those who dwell, work, at that place, and hence it is their responsibility to keep it clean
  • Madhu Savant believes that Saaf Aangan is the only way to keep the city clean, and the footpaths and roads free of encroachments - this in turn prevents the institutionalising of hawkers and pavement dwellers by local politicians / municipal councillors in exchange for votes - and this further prevents the creation and execution of flawed and unsustainable schemes such as the Slum Rehab Scheme which promises a free house to a slum dweller, with no incentive or deterrent for that person to stay off the public street permanently.

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