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Advisory Group: (to be formed much later)
comprising:      eminent citizens, 2 BMC reps, 2 NGO Council reps, total ?
primary role:     overall vision for Mumbai, strategy inputs and guidance
term:               one year renewable
selection:         by BMC & NGO Council
other roles:     
decision basis: majority
chairperson:     sheriff or governor
funding:           BMC
meetings:        every 2 months
BMC-NGO Council Apex Group:
comprising:     BMC reps (MC, ex-officio, 4 AMCs), NGO Council reps (5), invitees (3), total: 13
invitee selection: jointly by BMC & NGO Council
invitees term:  1 year renewable
primary roles:  overall guidelines for BMC-NGO Functional Groups                      
other roles:      bi-monthly review reports to Advisory Group
decision basis: consensus of BMC & NGO reps
chairperson:     MC
funding:           BMC
meetings:        fortnightly
BMC-NGO Steering Group (Cleanliness):
comprising:     BMC team, NGOs, invitees
size:               varying e.g. 5 BMC, 5 NGOs, 3 invitees
selection:        preferably jointly, but not necessary
invitees:          meeting-specific or as decided
primary roles:  planning of policies, programs, implementation methods, monitoring and feedback systems
                      getting and representing viewpoints of all stakeholders, influencers, affected people, etc.
                      co-ordinating implementation and monitoring
other roles:      research and evaluation of alternatives
                      helpline, resource centre, nodal point for that function for the public
                      disseminating info to the public                    
chairperson:    none
moderator:      eminent invitee, else BMC  ??
convenor:        NGO Council rep / BMC
funding:           BMC
meetings:        fortnightly
possible selection criteria of different types of people:
--- commitment to establish a BMC - NGO relationship, and NGO-NGO relationships. This, in my opinion, is the critical factor.
--- people with an overview of the functional area e.g. cleanliness.
--- people who are not wedded to one particular solution or their way
--- people who are open to other ideas for discussion on a rational basis
--- people with a long and successful history of working with BMC in that functional area.
--- people with an ability to have an overview of how BMC works and can work.
--- people who have an ability to negotiate i.e. smooth out differences between people
--- one person who would be able to put in substantial time - almost full-time - to co-ordinate with everyone involved.
And, of course, all of these people have to be willing and able to put in whatever time is required.
NGO Working Group (Cleanliness):
comprising:    BMC field reps, heads of all theme groups
selection:       heads of all theme groups
term:             1 year
primary role:  giving recommendations to the concerned BMC-NGO Steering Group
other roles:
funding:         BMC; maybe 'membership' fees from theme group members
meetings:      fortnightly
NGO Theme Groups  (in Cleanliness): e.g. Ragpickers, ALMs, Plastic Waste, Bio-composting
(anyone - NGO, individuals, commercial orgs involved or interested in that theme)
comprising:    BMC field reps, all NGOs working in that functional area, commercial orgs, interested individuals
size:              varying
selection:       should be involved in that theme
term:             ongoing
primary role:  giving feedback to the concerned NGO Working Group e.g. Cleanliness
other roles:
chairperson:   large NGO or expert
funding:         BMC ?? ; nominal 'membership' fees from each member to cover admin costs
meetings:      monthly
BMC-CSO Ward Co-ordination Committee
comprising:    3 BMC - 3 NGO from Steering Group, CSO heads of the 24 Ward-Level Committees  
size:              30 - 35
term:             ongoing
primary role:  getting Plans of Action implemented
                    feedback to Steering Group
                    functioning of Citizen Cells
other roles:    monitoring and giving feedback
funding:         BMC
meetings:      monthly
BMC-CSO Ward-level Co-ordination Committees - 24 i.e. one per ward
comprising:    BMC officials, Social Service Orgs, Corporators, Invitees
size:              10 - 20
selection:       each should have some particular responsibility
term:             ongoing
primary role:  implementing the various Plans of Action
other roles:    monitoring and giving feedback
funding:         BMC
meetings:      weekly
BMC-CSO Locality Cleanliness Teams - several in each ward
comprising:    BMC reps, ALMs, LACCs, CBOs, RWAs, Corporators, Citizens
size:              10 or so
selection:       each should have some particular responsibility
term:             ongoing
primary role:  implementing the Plan of Action in their locality
other roles:    monitoring and giving feedback
funding:         BMC
meetings:      weekly
Citizen Cells - one or more per ward 
comprising:    part-time citizen volunteers on honorarium basis
size:              20 or so
term:             ongoing
primary role:  acting as helpline to inform public about policies, procedures, contacts
                    guiding citizens, educating citizens, inputs from citizens
other roles:    giving feedback to the Ward Groups e.g. Cleanliness Group
funding:         BMC
meetings:      monthly amongst each other to share notes
NGO Council - Corporator Group
comprising:    5 NGO reps + 5 Corporators
selection:       by NGO Council, by Corporator group
primary role:  discussings Plan of Action
other roles:    co-ordinating with Corporators
funding:         BMC / Corporators
meetings:      monthly

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