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P Ward  South Advance Locality Management  

ACTIVE ALM                      
Location / Address Contact Person-1 B.M.C.
Junior Officer
No. of  families covered Segregation Done Garbage Generated Vermiculture /Composting Other Date of initiating Present Status & area in Sq.mts. Problem
Kg / day
Kg / day
Ambedkar Maidan Motilal Nagar No.I, Goregaon (W) Shri Raut, Gdn.J.E., P/South   YES     YES        
Goregaon Pumping Goregaon (West) Shri I. E.Shaikh 28748667 Shri R.N.Rane
Sweeping refuse YES - - YES - - 160 No water
Goregaon West residence Association Shri Dísouza 28764618 alphonso_saldanha@
Shri R.N.Rane 750 YES 15 Kgs. 30 Kgs. YES -- 1.10.2000 26 Kgs.  
Jaiprakash Garden Goregaon (East) Shri Raut, Gdn.J.E. Shri D.B. Patgaonkar Sweeping refuse YES - - YES - - 9 No water
Mitha Nagar  Garden (Rajeev Gandhi Garden, Goregaon (W). Shri Raut Garden J.E P/S 287222244 Shri A.A.Singh 28722524 Garden refuse YES - - YES - - 40 No water
Piramal Nagar, S.V.Road, Goregaon (West) Mr. Ashar Shri Sawant 900  No      No        
Sunder Nagar Garden, Goregaon (West) Shri Chandra Mohan Bhatia 28748667 Shri S.S.
Sawant 28722524
1100 YES 40 Kgs. 40 Kgs. YES -- 2/8/99 35  
NON-ACTIVE ALM                     
Off Vishveshwar Nagar , SWM Chowky Shri Ghadge,       JO 28722524 Shri D.B.
  YES     YES        
P/South Ward Office Shri Raut, Gdn.J.E., P/South Shri A.A.Singh Garden Refuse YES 15 Kgs. 45 Kgs. YES     15  
St.Thomas School - Shri A.K.Zambre Compound sweeping refuse YES - - YES - - 3 No follow up
SWM Chowky Shri A.K.Zambre Shri A.K.Zambre MICT refuse YES 10 Kgs. 45 Kgs. YES -- 1/1/03 3  
T.B.Clinic Plot Shri Ghadge, JO 28722524 Shri D.B.
Patgamkar, JO
Garden YES 5 Kg. 20 Kg. YES -- 3/1/99 3  
Topiwala Cinema & Topiwala Market J.O. (SWM) 28722524 Shri A.K.
  No      No         

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