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Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Solid Waste Management Department Route Maps  for Waste Collection :  

Route plan for existing vehicles in P / North Ward:

  Letter by the Assistant Engineer (ENV) of P / North Ward to the Ch. Eng (SWM)

  Route No. 19

  Morning Shift                                                              
  Route No. 2                                                                
  Route No. 3                                                                 
  Route No. 5                                                                 
  Route No. 7
  Route No. 9
  Route No. 11
  Route No. 12
  Route No. 13
  Unservice Dumper 1
  Unversice Dumper 2
  Unservice Dumper 3
  Unservice Dumper 4
  Unservice Dumper 5
  Unservice Dumper 6 
  Unservice Dumper 7
  Unservice Dumper 8
  Unservice Dumper 9
  Unservice Dumper 10
  Unservice Dumper 11
  Afternoon Shift
  Route No. 16
  Route No. 18
  A.P.I. Mini Compactor
  A.P.I. Compactor 1
  A.P.I. Compactor 2
  A.P.I. Private Compactor
  Municipal Compactor 1
  Municipal Compactor 2
  Night Shift
  Unservice Dumper 1
  Unservice Dumper 2
  Compactor 1
  Compactor 2
  Private Compactor 1
  Private Compactor 2
  Private Compactor  3
  Private Compactor 4

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