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Pigeons and their Nuisance 

Pigeons and their Nuisance

1. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis can develop from a virus antigens spread by homing pigeons.
2. Feral pigeons are classed as mainly environmental pests, blocking gutters with nesting material, marking buildings with droppings and feeding on food stuffs in grain stores.
These pigeons carry several diseases, some being hazardous to humans I.e psittacosis and encephalitcs and are transmitted easily through contact e.g. By hand feeding.
Pigeons ticks (Argas Reflexus) occasionally invade houses and bite humans specially in spring and autumn. The ticks can cause skin reactions similar to mosquitoes and allergic reactions.
3. Pigeons have been implicated in the spread of diseases such as salmonella - caused food poisoning, enciphalities and others. Droppings may harbour the causal agent of histoplasmosis a fungal diseases that affects respiratory tract.
4. The inhalation of organic dust from numerous bird is known to induce a delayed hyper sensitivity reaction in some exposed people.
5. Pigeons carry numerous parasites. Most of the pigeons are infected with trichomoniasis, caused by internal protozoan trichomones columbae. Ornithosis or psittacosis results from primary infection by chlamydomonas. A green alga that resembles bacteria. It is seldom fatal to notice rock pigeons. This diseases is highly contagious to humans who may experience flue like symptoms.
Pigeons also transmit the fungus Cryptococcus neofermans which in humans may cause fatal cryptococal meningitis.
6. With increase of pigeons there is rise in cold, cough, bronchitis, lung infections among small children and people residing in those areas.
7. With the above diseases on raise it is better to take preventive measures rather then curative measures.
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