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Minutes of Parivartan Prakalp meeting in the chamber of A.M.C.(City) on 27.05.05 at 11.00 a.m.  

            The following officers were present in the meeting :  

1.                  D.M.C.(ENV & WM )

2.                  Ch.E.(SWM)

3.                  Dy.Ch.E.(SWM) City

4.                  Dy.Ch.E.(SWM) W/S

5.                  Shri Shantanu Rastogi   Representative ,   M/s. Mckinsey  

6.                  E.E.(P) to DMC (ENV & WM)

7.                  E.E.(P) to Ch.E.(SWM)

8.                  E.E.(SWM) Projects

9.                  E.E.(Env) Civil

10.              H.S.

11.              A.E.(SWM) Projects

12.              A.E.(P) (ENV &WM)

13.              A.E.(P.P.)

14.              Dy.O.S.D.

15.              O.S.D.

16.              J.E.(Versova)  

The notes of the meeting are as follows:  

1.         Dumping Grounds:  

(a)    New Debris Dumping plot at Ambujwadi and two other private spots are planned  to be taken in possession of MCGM for which further procedure shall be followed up by E E (P) SWM.

(b)   Volume of the new Dumping Grounds shall be worked out

(c)    Site visit shall be arranged.  

2.         Highway & Arterial Roads : Cleanliness Contract  

(a)    The tender for Phase I  is due on 13.07.2005.

(b)   The Tender for Phase II & III will be invited parallely after finalization of issue of labour staff with unions.

(c)    The tender has been seen by A.M.C.(C). A.M.C.(City) appritiated the document prepared.  

3.         Public Toilets  

(a)    Proposal for public Toilets shall be processed on the basis of Delhi model.      ( 7/10 years lease + 7/10 years advertisement rights, as per Delhi Proposal).

(b)   Highway public Toilets to be discussed after Sept. 2005 as directed by M.C.

(c)    Improvement of SWM chowky to be discussed after Sept. 2005.  

4.         Ward Roll out  

(a)    Status report of H/W ward  : - Out of Total 97 Community bins , 39 community bins are removed and 8 bins are under observation. i.e approx. 50% achievement.

(b)   Ward roll out shall be in all 24 Wards simultaneiously.

(c)    Meeting of Jr. Overseer for direct interaction shall be called separately for City, Eastern Suburbs & Western Suburbs when following shall be done :

i)                    Arrange film show of achievement done in G/S & H/W Ward.

ii)                   Explain their target.

iii)                 Motivate for achieving the target.

iv)                 Discuss on incentive.

v)                  Discuss, re-route of refuse collecting vehicle.

vi)                 Reward for good work

(d)   Union Meeting shall be called to discuss all related issues.  

5.         Discussion about motor loaders  

(a)    Job vis attendance time.

(b)   Incentive/motivation plan.

(c)    Creating alternative.

(d)   Informal meeting shall be called to judge their psychology for incentive, unclean allowance etc.  

6.         Mopping Operation  

For mopping Operation on roads , finalise  the area of mopping and offer incentive in time. The complete cleaning operation shall be responsibility of Mukadam &  Jr. Overseer.  

7.         Refuse Transportation Contract  

1.            6 Contracts for 6 Zones : Partly by Municipal resources and partly by private resources OR 12 Contracts for six zones.

            House to house collection plan to be prepared.

2.            Aspect of built in incentive.

3.            Work load will be reduced after elimination of bins.

5.      Boundaries to be fixed for Municipal & Private areas considering option such as garage location, railway line i.e natural boundaries.

o       Card map shall be prepared.

   6.      MCGM will provide refuse vehicle for operation and maintenance, without staff for 6 Contracts. Will it be feasible? All divisions to discuss and come out with plan.

7.            Study feasibility of providing two bins , one for dry waste and other for wet waste. To start implementing and see results.

   8.      Maximum Capacity at Mahalakshmi Transfer Station to be utilized. 

To read more, please click here (pdf)

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