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Composting and Vermiculture

Composting site, JVPD, Dahisar (E)
Contact- Ms Ragini S Jain (GEIS)- 09821280214. We have been doing composting of household waste since last 5 years with help of BMC. Compost is regularly produced which is given to the housing societies or whoever desires at free of cost for the gardens.

Ms Ragini S Jain

Composting site Dariya Mahal A, 80, Nepeansea Road, Mumbai 400 006. 
Contact- Nalini Chhugani, 2362 0774. We have been doing composting of kitchen waste since last 3 years with help of FORCE, an NGO working with BMC. Fertiliser is regularly produced. It is used for the building garden & made available to the residents free of cost.

Learn composting at Pestom Sagar , Chembur 

Composting on a large  scale is bing done in Pestom Sagar , Chembur. We have a garden here adopted from BMC, in which around the periphery of the garden, we have a 4 foot highX 3eet wide vermiculture pit. It composts about 25 tonnes at one time. Any one interested  is welcome to see it. Please contact Dr.V.Sangole (25221126) who looks after  this activity  as the Convener of our ALM and who feels  very proud  about it. 

Composting Site: 
ESIS Hospital Parel, 
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial, ESIS Hospital Parel, Mumbai-400014
Tel 022 24132581 

Vermicomposting at Schools
I have been doing vermicomposting at home for the last 11 years and the extra Vermiculture produced is being used for setting up units in various social organizations and schools.

Friends, in this mail, I am elaborating on the set-ups made in the schools and the experience gained therein may influence many social activists to setup such projects in other schools.

It has been observed that in many interschool science exhibitions, Vermiculture or allied projects relating to solid waste is a common subject handled by the students.

This influenced me to setup Vermiculture unit on permanent basis in interested schools.

Every school is having a period of 'Value Education' and that period is used by the students for setting up and looking after the unit. In the beginning of the academic year, a group of few students is formed by the school teachers to look after the Vermiculture unit.  The said students are taught about function of Vermiculture. They are explained about the necessarily of 
solid waste management, separation of dry/ wet garbage etc. The said group of students work once or twice in a week during the Value Education period on the Vermiculture Unit. They collect wet garbage, spread it in the unit, and do all the other processes on their own.

Having the first hand experience of all this, the students are more convinced. My observation is that after this experience, the students are more conscious about the solid waste management and follow the dry/wet garbage separation rule at home as well. During the vacation, the resident staff takes care of the unit. Sufficient training is given to them.

The vermicompost produced in the unit is distributed o sold during the annual function. Its very pleasant to see the happy and content faces of the students displaying the products of their hard work. In the next academic year, the unit is taken over by the next batch and so on.

Many of the Karmayogis are keen to avail their services for some social cause. I think such activity is ideal for enthusiasts like these. They have to devote only 45-60 mins in a week at a school near them. Guidance can be given to such enthusiasts in installing and running such activity in the school. 

Mr. Satish G. Kolvankar

Vermicomposting can be seen at Mahim Nature Park  
There is meant to be a vermicompositing demonstration site at the Mahim (Maharashtra) Nature Park, Dharavi

Chembur's biogas plants and vermi-composting pits

Thanks to its ALMs and active residents, visits to Chembur's biogas plants and vermi-composting pits are fast acquiring the status of pilgrimage for officials involved with self-help and civic awareness groups.

"I would like to believe that our lane has become a 'must-see destination' for so many important dignitaries from India and abroad. It is good that because of our success, many more residents are replicating the ALM models in their localities."

read full details in

Jan 24: Vermocomposting Training programme in TISS

Department Of Urban and Rural Community Development, Tata Institute of Social Sciences in consultation with M.C.G.M's Officer on special duty Ms. Seema Redkar has organised for ONE DAY VERMICOMPOSTING TRAINING FOR B.M.C

The programme will be held in the Institute's premises on 24-1-2006 from 2pm-6pm.

Programme Details:

2-pm-Inaguration Of the Training Programme By, Mr.Subrat Ratho. AMC. City. Mumbai

2.15-Introduction and Concept note by Dr.Amita Bhide,Reader Department of Urban and Rural community Development,Tata Institute Of Social Sciences. and Ms.Seema Redkar,Officer on Special Duty MCGM. 

2.45-4.45:Vermicomposting Demonstration to BMC officials and ALM members by .Mr.Dhandeka and Ms.Poornima Inamdhar.

4.45-5.30-Visit Vermicomposting demonstration site in TISS

5.30-6 pm feed back s ,Question and answer session.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully,

Pradeep Ramavath.J
Member Organising Committee
Vermicomposting Training Programme
Department of Urban and Rural Community Development
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Deonar, Mumbai-400 088
Mobile-98679 63774.   Mail: 

Training in composting 

We as FORCE decided that if any C.B.O. looking for training in Composting / Vermicomposting we are ready to do so with nominal charges. Hope this will give the confidence to the C.B.O.s to work for zero garbage.  
Poonam Hudar

Supply of bio- compost from North India
Globus Agronics Ltd

Corporate Office: C 631, New Friends colony, New Delhi-110065

Ph: 26319790, 26822805, & 26836394 Fax: 26839016, Email:


We are the largest and quality manufacturer of Bio Compost in North India , We have three different units at three different places namely Hisar at Haryana, Samalkha at Panipat, Haryana, & Mansurpur at UP. Our Bio compost is tested by Hisar Agriculture University (HAU) and Central Potato research Centre Modipuram Meerut. We are also trying to get International Certification of Organic Inputs. Details of our Organic Manure as follows:

Manufacturing Processes

  1. 60 days Cycle
  2. Input materials are Press Mud of Sugar Cane & Spent Wash of Distillery.
  3. Microbial Culture      : SUBAC-CO of Pune./

Test Result:

  1. Nitrogen                     :                       2.9%
  2. P                                  :                       1.1%
  3. K                                 :                       1.4%
  4. Moisture                     :                       23%
  5. Organic Matter          :                       42%
  6. C:N ratio                    :                       10
  7. Heavy Metals            :                       Less than 50ppm
  8. Ph                                :                       7.2

We are able to full fill your all requirement of quality and Bulk quantity Bio compost at very reasonable and competitive price. Kindly give us a chance to prove our capabilities.



Yours truly,


Anupam Tyagi

Manager Bio-Compost Sales


Want to do composting for your society ?

we work for solid waste management anywhere but now we start G /South worli (pandurang Budhakar Marg),in H/West khar (w)(ambedkar road), santacruz (w) ( t.p.s.6th road ) collection of dry garbage from bldg./ shops & commercial area.

We also do gardening (flower beds), we making vermiculture pit for wet waste in society & its caretaking. 

All job done & do with our volunteer (ragpicker)

dayanand jadhav

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner