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Index of Rules for Prohibition of Littering and Regulation of Segregation, Storage, Delivery & Collection

Index of Contents:                                                            Click here to view the Rules by MCGM - NGO Council

The Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation Solid Waste (Prohibition of Littering and Regulation of Segregation, Storage, Delivery and Collection) Rules 2006.
Index of Contents: (23-02-06)
Statement and Objectives
1) Title and Commencement 
2) Application of the Rules 
3) Definitions (57and terms)
4) Prohibition of Littering, other Nuisances and ensuring “Saaf Aangan”

4.1. Littering in any public place 
4.2. Creating public nuisance 
4.3. Ensuring “Saaf Aangan” 

5) Segregation, Storage, Delivery and Collection of Municipal Solid Waste 
5.1. Segregation into 6 specified types 
5.2. Delivery of segregated waste 
5.3. Biodegradable waste 
5.4. Composting by all generators 
5.5. Composting of biodegradable waste by bulk and new constructions
5.6. Specified household hazardous waste
5.7. Untreated Bio-medical waste
5.8. Construction and Demolition waste
5.9. Non-Biodegradable (“dry”) waste - recyclable and non-recyclable 
5.10. Bulk garden and horticultural waste
5.11. Community waste storage centres
5.12. Burning of waste
5.13. Fines for non-compliance
5.14. Action against transport contractor / BMC employee 

6) Obligatory Responsibilities of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation
6.1. Infrastructure facilities
6.2. Assistance for reducing and recycling waste 
6.3. Citizen Resource Base
6.4. Trade Refuse Charges 
6.5. Purchase of compost 
6.6. Local biodegradable waste processing units 
6.7. Bio-degradable puja articles
6.8. Point-to-point waste collection services
6.9. Collection at source
6.10. Data about waste received at landfill
6.11. Community waste storage centres in public places
6.12. Data about phasing out of community waste storage centres in public places 
6.13. Dry waste sorting centres
6.14. Time schedule and route of collection 
6.15. Local Area Citizen Groups
6.16. Cleanliness Drives
6.17. Stakeholder awareness, education and training
6.18. Documentation of successful initiatives
6.19. Info-line and FAQ section
6.20. Complaints
6.21. Citizens Cleanliness Team (CCT)
6.22. Expressions of Interest
6.23. Surprise checks
6.24. Enforcement Squads
6.25. Information regarding Fines 
6.26. Redressal mechanism 
6.27. Joint Review with NGO Council
6.28. Specific Annual Targets
6.29. Designated officers and periodic reports
6.30. Transparency and Public Accessibility
6.31. Co-ordination with Government Bodies

7) Obligatory Responsibilities of BMC and/or generators of waste in some specific situations
7.1. Slums 
7.2. Poultry, Fish and Slaughter Waste 
7.3. Vendors / Hawkers
7.4. House gullies
7.5. Pet litter
7.6. Public Gatherings and Events
8) Penalties 
SCHEDULE I: Schedule of Fines
SCHEDULE II: Illustrative list of different types of biodegradable and recyclable waste
SCHEDULE III: List of specified household hazardous waste
SCHEDULE IV: List of bio-medical waste
SCHEDULE V: Specific Annual Targets

BMC Solid Waste Management (Prohibition of Littering and Regulation of Segregation, Storage, Delivery and Collection) Rules 2006     
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