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Minutes of  Nov 16: Wed: 4 - 6 pm - Meeting of NGO Cleanliness Group at HELP Library
Attendees: List at end.
Background: Mr. Ratho, AMC, BMC, has signed Oct 28 meeting minutes (online in Cleanliness Section in ).
So the BMC-NGO Council Cleanliness Co-ordination Committee is now official. All new policy changes and initiativies of BMC will  be run through this committee though without obligation on BMC to abide by the decisions.
Agenda: To decide our working procedures for co-ordination and communication amongst ourselves and with NGOs
1. How do we work as a team? Amongst ourselves? Vis-a-vis BMC? vis-a-vis non-members? vis-a-vis Citizens?
Agreed: a) Themes to be decided. Theme leaders to be appointed. Theme groups to be formed of whoever is interested in that theme. Theme leaders to be responsible for getting inputs from all, convene meetings, put forward recommendations, etc.
b) Theme groups to nominate one more person from the theme group to attend the Core Group meetings - preferably a person who has the alternative point of view so that all viewpoints can be heard and understood.
c) NGO Cleanliness Core Group to comprise of 2 members from each theme group and those who have an interest in and can contribute to an overall plan
d) Core Group members to be those who have paid membership fees.
2. Funding of secretariat function and meetings to ensure sustainability of the Group and its activities.
Agreed: a) Membership fees for those who want to be members (as corporates, ngo's or individual). b) Fees per meeting as per estimate cost for that meeting.
3. To decide themes and theme-leaders for different SWM areas? (document: minutes of Oct 28 meeting)
Agreed: Themes and Theme-leaders to be: (this over-rides previous lists)
a) Education, Awareness, Training: Katy Rustom of CERE with Kiran Madan of Sanskar India
b) Collating of Responses to BMC: Vinda Wagh of MEDC (Tanya Mahajan has also volunteered)
c) Wet Waste:
    - Restaurants: Vinda Wagh of MEDC
    - Food and Flower Markets and Temples: Harshad Gandhi of Excel Ind.
    - Hotels & Hospitals (food): Rajul Berde of Orchid Hotel
    - ALMs & Housing Societies: Indrani Malkani
    - Slums: Ragini Jain of Geetanjali Environment Improvement Society
    - Tabelas & Slaughterhouses: Jayasimha of PETA India
d) Dry Waste including Ragpickers: Jyoti Mhapsekhar of Stree Mukti Sangathana
e) Construction & Debris Waste incl. silt and inerts: Bejoy Davis of YUVA India
f) Medical Waste: Deepika D'Souza of Mumbai Medwaste
g) Non-recyclable Waste & Hazardous Waste (Household): Dr. Kishore Wankhade of Toxic Links
h) Dumping Grounds: Sangita Saraf of Stree Mukti Sangathana
i) Beaches: George Gopali
j) Lakes: to ask someone from IIT
k) Slums including sanitation: Ragini Jain of GEIS
l) Ongoing Research for future policy making: Katy Rustom of CERE
m) Identifying locations in wards for dry-waste kiosks, wet waste composting, sorting areas for ragpickers, C&D transfer points, other waste receiving centres: (along with BMC officers)
    - A Ward: Shanta Chatterji of Clean Air Island
    - B Ward: Vinda Wagh of MEDC
    - D Ward: Indrani Malkani of AGNI + Punam Hudar of FORCE
    - F-North: Vinda Wagh of MEDC
    - H-West: Punam Hudar of FORCE
    - K-West: Punam Hudar of FORCE + Ragini Jain of GEIS
    - S Ward: Lalita Sudhakar of Giants Group of Powai Saheli
    - 13 Wards: A, B, F-N, G-N, G-S, H-E, K L, M-E, M-W, N, S, T, if no specific volunteer - Jyoti Mhapsekhar of SMS
n) Taking up Demonstration Precincts / Area Adoption: United Way of Mumbai; and various Rotary Clubs have evinced interest
o) Overall Point Persons currently: Vinay Somani and Vibha Singh of Karmayog
To invite others who may be interested and willing to head any theme area (including any of the ones above).
If financial support is needed to put together a detailed policy / procedure documentation, it may be available through BMC
4. How to kick-start the Cleanliness Task Forces at every local level? The online forms are ready. Now citizens are needed to file daily reports. (documents: user data form + daily report form) Who will take up which area? Who will take on overall responsibility of CTFs?
Agreed: The following volunteered:
    - Vinda Wagh for F- North, B-Ward
    - Indrani Malkani for D-Ward
    - Dr. Vandana Pardeep for Kurla (E)
    - Poonam Hudar for D-Ward, H/W, K/W, M/E, M/W
    - Lalitha Sudhakar for Powai, S-Ward
Karmayog has received responses from others also.
AGNI may take up overall responsibility. Vinay to discuss with them.
5. How to respond to 3 new initiatives under finalisation by BMC pertaining to Cleanliness:
    a) guidelines for prohibition of littering and segregation of waste - 12 pgs - most important but no responses yet 
    b) solid waste management (SWM) contracts and licences -- 8 pgs - Kisan Mehta has severe objections to privatisation
    c) construction & demolition and de-silting waste (management & disposal) guidelines - 50 pgs - 3 responses
Agreed: Copies of a) and b) were circulated. All 3 are online in the Cleanliness Section of . Everyone requested to give their individual responses for any or all of the above. Vinda Wagh will collate them.
6. How to deal with requests for BMC / suggestions by individual core group members and of non-members?
Agreed: Requests to be forwarded to theme leaders to discuss in their theme groups and take it forward.
Everyone expressed satisfaction at the progress made by the NGO Cleanliness Group so far.
Everyone was requested to talk to those who they know well who are involved with cleanliness matters and persuade them to join in.

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