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Cleanliness and Solid Waste Management: B- Ward Project in Mumbai

MEDC has now completed the initial survey of the ward and is now assisting MCGM for the implementation of the recommendation.  After a detailed survey of the B-Ward, MEDC has suggested following action plan for the ward:

Improvement and beautification of JJ Flyover:  

The beautifully built JJ Flyover has improved the speeds of cars traveling to South Mumbai . However, the underbelly of this flyover is in a mess due to involvement of multiple authorities such as 3 separate wards of MCGM, MSRDC, Traffic Police etc. MEDC carried out a survey of the JJ Flyover underbelly and presented a plan for its improvement and beautification to a joint meeting of all the multiple agencies involved in the maintenance of the underbelly. It was decided that MCGM will revamp this. Accordingly, MCGM has started work on the recommendations given by MEDC.

House to House Collection at Hazarat Abbas Street 

With MEDC initiative first ALM of the ward “HELP” was formed. With the trained rag pickers of Stree Mukti Sanghatana, MEDC started  house to house collection of garbage and its segregation into dry and wet waste in 6 buildings (apprx. 120 households) at Hazarat Abbas Street resulting in substantial reduction in the garbage thrown on the road as well in the house gallis.

Improvement in the Collection Points at Memonwada and Koliwada: These two collection spots have been identified in the first phase. MEDC carried out the day and night survey of these collection points which are generally overflowing at any time of the day. 

MEDC has recommended following actions:  

  1. Direct collection of hotel waste from the restaurants in the area. – This has been started.
  2. Reduction in the garbage coming to this spot by initiating house to house collection in the nearby societies: MEDC has been carrying out awareness programs for the community initiatives in this regards. The response is overwhelming.
  3. Localized processing of wet waste through setting up vermi compost pits: Initiatives have already been started  at a few places inn the ward.  

4.  Redesigning of two collection spots in the first phase and extend it to all the other spots in the ward.

Awareness Programs in the ward:

In order to involve the local population in the project (which is very essential for the long term sustainability of the initiative), MEDC is carrying out awareness programs in the schools, residential premises etc. in this Ward. The concept of waste segregation as well as composting is being propagated. MEDC is getting good response from the local population.

Ms. Vinda Wagh  

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