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List of Contact Details of all Advance Locality Management (ALMs) is available at

M Ward East  Advance Locality Management  

ALM list as per BMC ward record as on January 1, 2006

Name of the ALM member Address Tel. No. e-mail Remarks
Smt. M. Saxena A-10 Basera, Off Dinquary Road, Deonar Mumbai-88 25515541  ALMs are working well
Smt. V. M. Desai E-1 Dattaguru Hsg. Coop. Society, Clean Deonar Forum, Mumbai-88 25569377  -  No responce
Smt. Uma Pai G-Gulmohar Deonar Baug Mumbai-400088 25567932 No  Not actively involved
Dr. R. Shankar B-4 Basera, Dinquary road, Deonar Mumbai-88 25558598 No  The system is well set, everybody is participating actively
Mrs. Kala Suresh Premjyot Complex, Plot No. 15 flat No. 102, Indian oil Nagar, Govandi 43 25501987   No responce
Shri. V.K. Raghavan Gupta Road 25514010 / 9821135716 (wrong Tel.No.) -  wrong Tel.No.
Shri. N. D. Nair Champazanti Co.Op. Hsg. Society 25551398 No  ALM meetings should be conducted every month, BMC should monitor its work 
Shri. M.V. Balkrishna Narayanguru Hsg. Society  25284595 No  ALMs are not working, more importance is given to other local committee meetings
Shri. C.C. Jianandi Flat No.-5, Jigna Apt. 2nd floor Above Central Bank of India, S.T. Road 25576294 / 55747290 (Wrong No.) -  Wrong Tel. No.
Dr. Z.K Choudhary Saras Baug 25567407  No  ALM meetings should be conducted every month
Mr. George Kurian Assisi nagar 25567423  -
Mr. R. K. Hukkoo Banganga  25566821  ALM is very good but because of LACC, ALM meetings are not conducted.
Mr. V.G. Khandkar Banganga Society 25567304 -  Not actively involved

Total no. 13

ALM details from other BMC Sources

Location / Address Contact Person-1 Contact  Person-2 B.M.C.            Junior Officer No. of  families covered Segregation Done Garbage Generated Vermiculture/
Date of initiating Problem Remark
Kg / day
Kg / day
10th Rd. Residents Forum P.S. Ranade 25286141 (no. does not exist) - Mr. Redkar 9892478135                
11th Rd.(E) Residents Forum Mr. Mythreyan 25568465 (no. does not exist) - Mr. Davare 25203128                
12th Rd. Residents Association Mr. Saroj Sharma 25551198 (no. does not exist) - Mr. Davare 25203128                
13th Rd. Residents Association Geeta Vishwnath 25552056 / (no. does not exist) Mr. Ray 25568855 Mr. Davare 25203128                
15th Rd. Emma Tower ALM Bryan D'sa 25231503 - Mr. Redkar 9892478135                
4th Rd. Residents Forum Srinivasan 25283401 / 9223261311 

- Mr. Redkar 9892478135                
Ashish Farm Residents ALM Mrs. Punam Jain 2559 1038
 2556 6694                  
Assisi Nagar CHS Mr. George Kurian 2556 7423                     
Atomica CHS Mrs. Neera Rastogi 
2528 6064 
Bazar Gate Residents Forum Laxmi 25201287 
K.C. Nair 25516232
N.P.K. Krishnan 25206232 Mr. Sakate 27654356                
Champa Zhanti CHS Mr. Prem Chandra Narayan
2551 5890 (no reply)
Chembur Naka Beautification ALM Dr. Mrs. S.S.Bhandare 25243936 (no reply)   - Mr. Hukire 25286122                
Deonar Palm Road Residents Association Mr. V. K. Raghavan 
2551 0704 / 2551 4041 / 9821135716
D.K. Sandu Marg Residents Association Dr. Katraj 25284578 (no reply) - Mr. Redkar 9892478135                
Diamond Garden Residents Forum Rajkumar Sharma 25280510 / 9820989310 Mr. Nanajkar 32791645 Mr. Davare 25203128                
Ghatia RD. Residents Forum Vincent D' Mello 25550213 (no. does not exist) - -                
Kamataka High School ALM Mr. Achraya 25551803 (no. does not exist) Mr. Navarkar 9819328042 Mr. Rasam 25926103                
Narayan Guru CHS Mr. Balakrishnan 2528 4595                     
Saras Baug Green Forum Dr. Mrs. Z. Chaudhary 
2558 7038 (wrong no.) / 25567407 / 25529025 / 9870755055 
SAAHAS (3rd Rd. & Part of 21st Rd.) Meeta Gupta 25573603 (no. does not exist) R.S. Krishnan 25567469 (no. does not exist) Mr. Davare 25203128                
Shakti Chetan Welfare Committee R. Prithi Bajaj  25556226 (no. does not exist) Jyothi Pyati 25503923 (no. does not exist) -                
Shivpuri Colony ALM K. Shridhar 25222268 (no. does not exist) Ashok Keswani 25235503 saikishin@
Mr. Hukire 25286122                
Suman Ng. Residents ALM Vinod 25223256 (no. does not exist)
Vaishali Sawant 25226762 (not involved anymore)
Mr. Magar 31035293 Mr. Hukire 25286122                
Swastik Park ALM Manohar Doshi 25228493 
Mrs. Patil 25228902
Mr. Pawar 9821394200 Mr. Hukire 25286122                

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