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FAQs on the MCGM-LACG Partnership  

Q1.We have not had success in getting MCGM to respond to our complaints. Why do we need to participate?  

A: This is all the more reason to participate in making sure that MCGM responds and redresses your complaints effectively. The mechanism for MCGM and LACG engagement ensures that all complaints are recorded and then further escalated to higher levels, where un-resolved.

Change is not going to take place overnight. Citizen participation is the ONLY answer. The alternative is to live with the status quo.  

Q2. How can we get more members of our community to participate? 
A: The simple structure of the partnership will encourage citizens to take responsibility for their immediate local areas, and there is also a provision for starting with a smaller area, and then expanding to take on the entire demarcated LACG area.

Extensive feedback indicates that a large number of people want to participate but a) are not sure how to contribute if they don't have a lot of time, OR

b) have not yet been contacted and made aware of the MCGM-LACG Partnership.

The structured activities as outlined in the Charter for MCGM-LACG Partnership will allow them to participate effectively within their time constraints.  

Q3. How much effort will this require from the citizens?  

A: Between 2 hours/month to 2 hours/week depending upon the responsibility that an individual undertakes.

Every activity can be designated to residents on a rotational basis.

Every activity can be taken up depending on the specific needs of that local


Q4.Will the corporator and MCGM officials agree to citizen participation in works?
A: Yes, provided citizens take the right attitude in approaching them. A collaborative approach aimed at adding value and minimising the burden on the corporator and MCGM officials engineers will be accepted.

The MCGM has committed to sharing publicly with LACGs all relevant details related to ward works and to take cognisance of feedback on the same.

Citizen participation will also enhance civic responsibility in maintaining their neighbourhoods, which helps the MCGM.  

Q5.What will be the NGO Councilís role in this?
A: The NGO Council will play the role of a facilitator or support team in the MCGM-LACG Partnership.

As LACGs periodically provide updated information to the MCGM and NGO Council via reports, minutes of meetings, etc., these will be input and returned as consolidated electronic, easy-to-use documents.

The NGO Council will also review summary information from all participating LACGs every month, in order to recommend appropriate mechanisms for redressal as required, to the Apex LACG Committee.  

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner