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More thoughts on the Local Area Citizen Group concept

1. Two groups may apply for LACG status:

a) Existing members of LACC viz. ALMs, VARs.
b) Non-LACC members e.g. citizens and other groups.
An applicant must do the following:
- make application via a standard form (form to contain details like location, supporter profile and signatures, geographical coverage on the LACG map, activity/work done, contact details, etc.
- sign standard terms (terms to include roles and responsibilities of an LACG, term, election / selection of office bearers, awareness that they have to grow into the LACG area or else out, submission of details for yearly review, etc.)
The period for receipt of applications will be kept open for a month.
Thereafter LACGs will be selected by a Committee (preference to proven LACC members):
a) If the geographical coverage area that an applicant is willing to cover is equal to that of the demarcated LACG area,
        then that applicant will be registered as the LACG for that area.
b)  If the geographical coverage area that an applicant is willing to cover is less than that of the demarcated LACG area,
        then one or more non-overlapping applicants may be selected and given Provisional Registration as LACG(s) for that area.
        (When any of them or a joint entity can cover the entire demarcated LACG area, then the Registration of that entitity will be made final.
Compulsory Responsibilities of LACGs (will be included in the terms):
Assisting BMC in:
a) joint survey of their area regarding all civic matters
b) disaster management
c) special drives
d) information dissemination
e) some aspects of solid waste management, etc.
f) monitoring and reporting as per standard formats
g) acting as contact points for citizens for info, guidance, feedback to and fro on BMC related matters
h) etc.
Obligatory Responsibilities of BMC to support LACGs:
a) appointing a Nodal Officer
b) proper LACC meetings and meetings at higher levels (will be detailed)
c) sharing info about BMC's plans and programs including Work Orders and permissions given to utilities for road excavation, etc.
d) developing and implementing a detailed Working System
Apex LACG Committee to be formed:
comprising the Municipal Commissioner, all Additional Municipal Commissioners, Mayor's representatives (Corporators), NGO Council representatives, LACG representatives
Role of this Committee:
a) selection of LACGs
b) policies and procedures pertaining to the LACG concept
c) system of monitoring and reporting
d) periodic reviews
e) setting up other committees as and when required
f) doing everything necessary to resolve problems
g) funding arrangements for LACGs (registration as a formal body such as Cooperative Society may still be needed)
h) etc.

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner