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List of Contact Details of all Advance Locality Management (ALMs) is available at 

K Ward East ALM Details   

ALM list as per BMC ward record as on January 1, 2006

Name Address & Ph. No. e-mail
Shri Ramesh Prabhu Shahaji Raje Swimming pool Vileparle (E) 28368652 (Tel. No. doesn't exist) -
Smt. Chitra Mehendale Sanjivani Society No. 1 Vileparle (E) 28343686 (Tel. No. doesn't exist)  -
Smt. Laxmi Murti Sanjivani Society No. 2 Vileparle (E) 28354623  (Tel. No. doesn't exist) -
Shri. Nimbalkar Sanjivani Society No. 3 Vileparle (E) 36365930  (Tel. No. doesn't exist) -
Shri. B.B. Bhadre Sanjivani Society No. 4 Vileparle (E) 28202759  (Tel. No. doesn't exist) -
Smt. Mega Shete Sanjivani Society No. 5  Vileparle (E) 28202759 (Tel. No. doesn't exist)  -

Total No. of ALMs-6

ALM details from other BMC Sources

Location / Address Contact Person B.M.C.  
Junior Officer
No. of families covered Segregation Done Garbage Generated Vermiculture/
Remark Present Status
Kg /Day
Kg /Day
Anmol Society Mrs. Madnulika Mandra 28380224 
(out of service)
Shri N.M.Seikh 900 yes     -   Vermi.
Blossom Society Polt no.16 Shri Shivashetty 28509435 Shri  N.M.Seikh 125 yes     -   -
 Chandrashekhar Co-op.Hsg.Soc. Mr. Hingave Shri Salvi 263  No          
C.N.P. Bank Anand laxmi bldg. Smt. Sushila Rao 26184311  Shri P.S.Desai 400 yes     -   Beautification done
Gondawali Gaouthan Shri C. D’costa 26839819 Shri V.S. Mungekar 400 yes     -   Vermi
Konkan Nagar CHS Ltd. Andheri (E) Mrs. P. Das Shri Yadav 12  No          
Lotus Hotel Management of Lotus 2870707 Shri Rajendra Yekhe - yes     -   -“-
Mahakali A.L.M. Medam-pari Medam Pari 28379694
(no. does not exist)
Shri Rajendra Yekhe 900 yes     -   -
Maheshwari Nagar Smt. Sabrina kqnqmpilly 2822211 9821345184  Shri Rajendra Yekhe 600 yes     -   -
Orchid Hotel Rajul Bhede
Management of Orchid 26164040
Smt. Anu N.Rane - yes     -   -“-
Sahayaji Raje Swimming  poolPool Dr.Ramesh Prabhu 28368652 
(no. does not exist)
Shri P.S.Desai 600 No     -   Beautification
Sanjeevani Parle No.1 Smt.Chitra Mehandale 28343686 (no. does not exist) Shri P.S.Desai 273 yes     -   -“-
Sanjeevani Parle No.2 Smt.Laxmi Murty 28354623 
(no. does not exist)
Shri P.S.Desai 266 yes     -   -“-
Sanjeevani Parle No.5 Shri B.B.Bhadre 28202759 Shri P.S.Desai 200 yes     -   -“-
Sanjeevani Parle No.5 Smt.Megha Shetye 28202759 Shri P.S.Desai 1360 yes     -   -“-
Sanjevani Parle No.4 Shri Nimbalkar 26365930 
(no. does not exist)
Shri P.S.Desai 274 yes     -   -“-
Sindhia Colony Shri S.K.Mistry 268411080 (no. does not exist) Shri V.S. Mungekar 460 yes     -   -“-
Skyway/Sun-view, Andheri (E) Mrs. Pai /Kanamplli 98222111 (no. does not exist) Shri Yadav 160  No          
Sterling Apartment Andheri (E) Mrs. Bhandari Shri Yadav 56  No          


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