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Implementation Schedule 

  Implementation Schedule  18-Jan-06


No Obligatory Responsibilities of MCGM      Action steps Implementation Schedule 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Infrastructure facilities MP    litterbins, composting units, etc. On-going as per time schedule of micro plans                         
2 Assistance for reducing waste   W info. and lists of experts, techniques at WO and website 2 months                        
3 Trade Refuse Charges      rationalising 2 months                        
4 Purchase of compost/stabilised waste     rates and procedure to be specified 2 months                        
5 Model composting units MP   to be set up On-going as per time schedule of micro plans                         
6 Bio-degradable puja articles     providing manned kalashes 4 months                        
7 Composting & biogas units     to be set-up 6 months                        
8 Data about waste received at landfill   W ongoing within 1 month                         
9 Data about phasing out of community waste storage centres MP W ongoing with immediate effect                        
10 Community waste storage centres MP   to identify those that will continue 2 - 4 months                        
11 Recyclable waste sorting centres MP   to be set up 2 - 4 months                        
12 Time schedule and route of collection MP W to be shared publicly with immediate effect                        
13 Local Citizen Groups     set up a single window system at WO with immediate effect                        
14 Phase-wise Implementation MP   partnering with existing LCGs with immediate effect                        
15 Stakeholder awareness, education and training MP   through BMC and NGOs starting immediately and ongoing                        
16 Citizen Resource Base   W Lists of experts/resource persons with immediate effect - 4 months                        
17 Documentation of successful initiatives   W   after 4 months and ongoing                        
18 Info-line and FAQ section   W   with immediate effect                        
19 Complaints   W after familiarisation period with immediate effect                        
20 Redressal mechanism   W upgrade OCMS 1 month                        
21 Cleanliness Task Force Teams reports   W Using in Action and planning with immediate effect and ongoing                        
22 Expressions of Interest   W to invite and review ongoing                        
23 Surprise checks       ongoing after 2-4 months                        
24 Festivals     Prompt clean up  with immediate effect                        
25 Enforcement Guards     to build capacity 2 months                         
26 Details of Fines collected   W   ongoing after 2-4 months                        
27 Other Government Bodies     coordination between within 1 month                        
28 Transparency   W sharing information publicly 1 month onwards                        
29 Other Obligations     compliance with other Rules, Acts, Court Orders ongoing                        
  Specific Situations                                 
1 Slums MP   Infrastructure within 2 months                         
2 Vendors / hawkers     Enforcement of carrying own waste bin / bag after 2 months                        
MP  = Micro Plan  
W  =  Website
   = Critical Steps

BMC Solid Waste Management (Prohibition of Littering and Regulation of Segregation, Storage, Delivery and Collection) Rules 2006  

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  - Guiding Principles 
- Suggested steps for any campaign incl. littering  

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