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List of Contact Details of all Advance Locality Management (ALMs) is available at

H -Ward  East  Advance Locality Management  

ALM list as per BMC ward record as on January 1, 2006

Name of Institution Name of ALM Member Tel. No. e-mail Remarks from ALMs
Vakola Citizen Forum Smt. L. Nanjappa 26683179 (Tel. service temporarily withdrawn) -
EKTA Shri. Douglas Lobo & Mrs. Lobo 56265303 / 9323696572  No response
Kolivery Residents Association Shri Faustine - - -
Citizen Forum Kalina Shri Rubin Dias 26666279 No Initial response from people was good but people are impatient and want quick results.
Sunder Nagar Association Shri B,N, Joshi - - -
Manipada Association Shri Naiskar - - -
Center of Study of Social Charge Shri Sanjay Parab 26570973 No response
Kherwadi Social Welfare Association Shri Deeraj Sharma 26474381 not available -  
Prabhat Colony Citizen Asociation Shri Shekkhar Saliyan 26143539 No BMC is cooperating us

Total No.9

ALM details from other BMC Sources

Location / Address Contact Person-1 Contact Person-2 B.M.C.         Junior officer No. of families    covered Segregation done  Garbage Generated Vermiculture/
Date of initiating Problem Remark
kg / day
kg / day
58, Vakola Village,  Santacruz East Mumbai 55 Douglas Lobo 26108977 (does not exist) Ekta (Alm)   6000   No     No     Door to door collection
68,Vakola pipe line Santacruz (E) Mumbai 55 Vakola citizens Lekha Nanjapa 26683179 (out of service) / 26682454 (no reply)   Martin Alex Awder    32 bldgs. 1100 No     No      
Golden Vally CHS Mr. Mithal 26662565 (not involved)   Shri Mayekar 30 Yes 10 5 No     Door to door collection
Govt. Colony (PWD) Mr. Lingamwar Mrs Archana Joshi Shri Patel 4000 No 300 100 Yes     PWD & MUKTA
Govt.Colony (Bandra East) Bldg.No.243 to 278 Shri Lingwar Mobile No. 9820629769  (out of service)   Shri Patel K.I. 26873877 / 986933070 36 bldgs., 1100 flats 4000 362 bldg.     No      
Kalina Janata Soc. Mr.Pinto  26663106 (no reply)   Shri Mayekar / Shri Patel 110 Yes 60 5 No     Door to door collection
Kalina Village Asson Mr.R.Dias,  26662079 (wrong no.)   Shri M.S. Yadav , Shri Patel 900 Yes     No     Door to door collection
Kolovery  Residential Asson. Mr.Peter D'souza 26668972 / 9819246945    Shri Mayekar / Shri Patel 230 Yes 75 10 No     Door to door collection
Nestle Compound Mr.P.Dias 2666371 (wrong no.)    Mrs.Lata Shri Mayekar 110 Yes 120 20 No     Door to door collection
Sundar Nagar Purnima 56970360 (does not exist) Joshi Bhargav 26660682 Shri Kaskar 260 No     No     Door to door collection

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