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Guiding principles in the framing of the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation Solid Waste (Prohibition of Littering and Regulation of Segregation, Storage, Delivery and Collection) Rules 2006.

  1. Do-ability: The Rules have been framed keeping in mind the ease and effectiveness of their implementation, including specific rules for situations that require a different approach.
  2. Citizen friendly / humane approach. The Rules are focused on the generator of waste and his / her individual or collective ability to comply with these Rules. Eg.: There is a specified familiarisation/warning period in the Rules for the generators to change their current practices, and thereafter the Fines prescribed for non-compliance are reasonably low.
  3. Responsible behaviour: The Rules encourage responsible behaviour by all generators, by improving the public perception and understanding of the waste problem.
  4. Involvement and empowerment of Local Citizen Groups: The Rules encourage the active participation of Local Citizen Groups that will enable BMC to better implement the Rules, and significantly increase Cleanliness of the city, through change in citizens’ attitude and behaviour.
  5. Clarity of Rules:  The Rules have explanations and examples where required in order to demystify and simplify them for the users.
  6. BMC’s seriousness of intent: BMC’s seriousness of intent in not only implementing and enforcing these Rules, but also in building partnerships with Civil Society Organisations for the promotion of efficient delivery of civic services is demonstrated through its stated obligatory responsibilities in the Rules.
  7. Transparency: These Rules promote the transparency of all the processes involved, and sharing of all information publicly.
  8. Joint review and collaborative working: The Rules are focused on a collaborative process of working between the BMC and the NGO Council, including a joint review of the processes and structures.
  9. Enforceability: The successful implementation of the Rules depends on its enforceability, and hence focus areas for enforcement have been stated.
  10. Improved perception / understanding of BMC’s functioning: The Rules have been framed keeping in mind the larger context of the BMC’s structure and functioning, and with linkages to other Rules and Acts, where applicable, so as to bring about a significant improvement in the Solid waste management programme of the city. 

Implementation: General Notes for the Implementation Manual:  

Critical Obligatory Responsibilities of the BMC  

  1. Stakeholder awareness, education and training  

(including BMC staff; even before Expressions of Interest are invited for the overall campaign, BMC must begin with its own publicity department with guidelines, pamphlets, posters, etc)

  1. Time schedule and route of collection

(eg.: citizens will start segregating; simultaneously the time schedule for pick-up of segregated waste has to be in operation: Dry waste picked up on Monday, Specified household hazardous waste on Tuesday, untreated bio-medical waste on Wednesday, etc..)

  1. Enforcement Guards

(Training and capacity building of enforcement guards/squads especially on which Rules/Fines to focus on to bring about effective/visible improvements)  

Micro-planning required for the following obligatory responsibilities of BMC: 

1.      Infrastructure facilities

2.      model composting units

3.      Bio-degradable puja articles

4.      Data about phasing out of community waste storage centres

5.      Community waste storage centres to be continued / set up and maintained on public roads whenever unavoidable

6.      Recyclable waste sorting centres

7.      Time schedule and route of collection

8.      Phase-wise Implementation

9.      Stakeholder awareness, education and training  

The following Rules will be focused on by the Enforcement Squads:  

5.3: Saaf Aangan  

6.1 and 6.2 :     Segregation of waste, and
Delivery of segregated waste  

9. 3: Vendors / Hawkers

BMC - suggested steps for any campaign incl. littering - by Tanya Mahajan

Pl add / elaborate/detail/expand. We want to recommend it as a standard part of any BMC policy framework document. Thanks. Vinay

MCGM - steps for any campaign (after launching of campaign)

All info to be available in various languages at the Ward offices and MCGM website and involved citizen groups.

- Policy document (usually even this is not available)

- Procedure document (including forms)

- FAQ - to answer stakeholders' queries

- Helplines  - (for specific issue, not general MCGM help-line) - to answer queries, record complaints, receive feedback, etc.

- Names of officers - in charge of implementation

- Names of experts/consultants - empanelled by MCGM (or not), who will assist (for a fee) citizens in implementing/ understanding the campaign

- Resource directory of agencies who can provide services related directly or indirectly to the issue under consideration

- Trainers for training of  a) MCGM staff     b) all stakeholders

- Comprehensive media campaign that will include TV ads, radio messages, SMS alerts, printed publicity material - posters, brochures, etc for info dissemination

- Schools and Colleges programme

- Easy to read manuals (in all languages) to explain new concepts

- Demonstration models in each ward/across the city, so as to instill confidence in citizens

- Documentation of successful initiatives that will be show-cased as examples to follow. Yearly competitions and prizes.

- Periodic review by citizens and MCGM jointly of the campaign/programme, against projected targets for the campaign and provision to introduce changes where required. (flexibility) 

- Website to display all information, and be updated frequently reflecting the actual direction of the campaign. 

Proposed Municipal Solid Waste (Prohibition of Littering and Regulation of Segregation, Storage, Delivery and Collection) Rules 2006     
- Index of Rules
Complete Rules  
  - Guiding Principles (24 Jan 06) 

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