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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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List of Contact Details of all Advance Locality Management (ALMs) is available at

G North Ward Advance Locality Management  

Location/Address Contact Person B.M.C.
Junior Officer
No. of families    covered Segregation done

Garbage Generated 

Date of initiating Problem Remark
Kg /Day
Dhote Garden Mr. Kini     Yes            
Sitaladevi Residents Dr. Kamat
Mr. Kini
Silver Soc. Dr. Vora     Yes            
Manmala Tank Rd. Smt. Neha Khare     Yes            
Mayour Bunglow H.A.(G-North)     Yes            
L.J.Cross Rd. No. 1 Starting from living room upto Agairy Rd. Satai shakti Association C/o, E. Azavedo. Marydell ll,L.J.Cross Rd. No.1.Mahim Mumbai-16     Yes            
Agairy Rd. upto Mori Rd.                     -"-     Yes            
More Rd. to L.J.Rd.                      -"-     Yes            
L.j.Rd. to its meeting with L.J.Cross Rd.1                      -"-     Yes            
Senapati Bapat 1 Cross Lane Mrs. Bulu Saldanha 24454674  Shri. Singh (S.E.)   Yes            
Karnatak Sangh Co-op So. Shri. Dinesh Ahir
23615217 (no reply)
Shri.Yadav (JO)   Yes            
Mariagar, Mahim Shri. Singh (S.E.)   Yes            
M.M.C.Cross Rs. No. 2 Dr. S.H.Pitale Shri. Singh (S.E.)   Yes            
Shahu Nagar, Jasmine Mill Rd. Mrs. Sabrina Albuguerque
24078891 (wrong no.)
Shri. Acharekar
Gopi Tank Lane Adv. Loc. Mang. Grp. Prof. Alka Gogate 24100250 (no reply)/  2464519 (does not exist)     Yes            
Safai shakti Association L.J.Cross Rd. No.1   Shri. Mourya (SE)   Yes            
Citizens Action Forum A.L.M., L.J. Cross Rd. MMC Rd. No.5 Mahim Mr. Denis Correa     Yes            
Ruparel College Shri. Desai Shri. Masurkar


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