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We have made some headway in building a `Show case' as follows:

An example of our effort that can be a show case, exists at Bandra Govt. Colony (Near Jogger's Park) where, with help of 3 organizations viz. PWD and 2 NGOs -Mukta and Stree Mukti Sanghtana and an expert (Geosense)-, segregated garbage is collecetd from 1500 households and the biodegradable waste is processed using Vermiculture biotechnology.
Women organized and trained by Streemukti Sanghatana are involved in collection of the garbage, cleaning of the neighbourhood and loading of waste in pits. Mukta has helped in the administration and supervision of the project. PWD in turn, has given all the infrastructural facilities and funds the project (Incidentally, PWD pays the same amount to other contractors for ONLY garbage collection and dumping in the MCGM bins and cleaning the neighbourhood WITHOUT ANY PROCESSING!) I, as the expert, have provided the technical know-how and visit the site once a month.
The project is on for the last 3 years. In fact, initially contract for only 1000 houses was given and then was extended to another 500 houses after success of our earlier effort.

After witnessing the effectiveness of this project Mrs. Johny Joseph (IAS officer's wives' association) has recently suggested addition of another block of 500 more houses.(there are totally 5000 houses in the colony)

Ms. Seema Redkar, OSD, MCGM has visited the site several times with several dignitaries and is quite satisfied with the work.

Incidentally, Sai Paranjapye has shot some parts her film `CHAKACHAK' at this site!

Mrs. Aparna Inamdar 
C-147, IIT Bombay
Mumbai-400 076 

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner