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GEOSENSE  - Vermiculture Consultations


Name: Mrs. Aparna Inamdar
Educational Background: Microbiologist
Occupation: Vermiculture Consultant
Address: C-147, CSRE, IITB, Powai, Mumbai 400076
Telephone: (+91-022) 5720662/5768682
E-Mail:  /



Spreading Awareness:

Through lecture demonstrations, slide shows and workshops.

Resource person to BNHS, SNDT and several other institutions.


Executing various scale projects:

Some of the projects by GEOSENSE:

Sponsors: Godrej & Boyce Ltd., Vikhroli, Mumbai
Aim: Vermiprocessing of canteen and garden waste (1 ton/day)


Sponsors: Joshi Lane Residents Association, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
Aim: Design and implementation of the Vermiculture application to beautification of the
Joshi Lane , Ghatkopar.


Sponsors: Mont Blanc Housing Soc., Kemp's Corner, Mumbai
Aim: Vermiprocessing of residential waste.


Sponsors: Kotak Estates, Lonavala, Pune
Aim: Management of the waste generated on the estate to achieve self-reliance in manure needs.


Sponsors: National College , Bandra, Mumbai
Aim: Spreading awareness amongst students through honour's programme.


Sponsors: Hiranandani Gardens Housing Complex, Powai, Mumbai
Aim: Centralised way of residential, hotel and garden waste processing of the housing complex. (1.5 tons/day)


Sponsors: EIS, MMR and supported by MCGM at Kannamwar Nagar, Vikhroli, Mumbai
Aim: Setting up of a demonstration Project on Vermiprocessing of the market waste on the ward level. (3 tons/day)


Sponsors: Tata Institute of Social Sciences , Deonar

Aim: Set up a processing unit for the academic and residential waste.


Sponsors: PWD at Bandra

Aim: To collect and process residential waste from 1500 households at Bandra Govt. colony.


Providing Technical know-how:

1. Consultant to Johnson & Johnson, Shipping Corp. of India etc.
2. Consultations to numerous housing societies and individuals.

3. Consultant to Universal Capsules Ltd.

4. Consultant to Asia Urbs project at CPS (EU Sponsored)

5. Consultant to Asahi-India, Taloja,Navi Mumbai

6. Consultant to Jindal Industries at Washind & Tarapur

7. Provide advise on conversion and developments of organic farms

8. Consultant to several NGOs

9. Conducted training workshops for: MCGM, NMMC, Solapur Muncipal Corporation

Article on Vermiculture Biotechnology

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