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List of Contact Details of all Advance Locality Management (ALMs) is available at

F -Ward  South  Advance Locality Management  

ALM list as per BMC ward record as on January 1, 2006

Contact Person Address Ph. No. e-mail Remarks from ALMs
Raoji G. Gala 276/8 Ganesh Bhuvan First Floor Telang Road, Matunga Central railway Mum-19 24186113 / 2414296686
Mobile: 9820056587
No BMC does't take action on suggestions. ALM members should get respect from BMC officers.
Shri. Hanumant Gavkar 26195574 / 24134560/61 (Tel. No.Does not exist) - Tel. No.Does not exist
Shri Shirish Tatkar 241216079(Tel. No.Does not exist) - Tel. No.Does not exist
Shri Bhaskar Prabhu 7 Kothari Menson, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Near Chitra Cinema Dadar, Mum-14 24149329  - not available
Bharat Mehta Room No. 104/4 Esmail Building Dr. D.B. Road WARD NO. 38 24131802 / 9323333298 - No response
Smt. Desai WARD 38, Mehta Mehal Dadasaheb Phalke Road Mum-14 - - -
Shri Khan Habib WARD 38, Rangari Building, Mehal Dadasaheb Phalke Road Mum-14 24157312  - Not available
Shri Shrikant A. WARD NO. 37, 31/2 Bhivandiwla Building, Saint Paul Street Dadar mum-14 24127746 - Not available
Shri Vasant Sherpekar 7/10 Ahmed Shelar Building Naigaon Dadar mum-14 24125367 No Heard about ALMs 
Shri. M.G. Kamat WARD 36, E/10 Ambedkar Nagar, Ghadi Marg, Parel Mum-12 24123658  - not available
 Mrs. Vidya Jois WARD NO. 32, Veena Building, A/6/3 Shivdi 24121267 No Can't give information without permission
Shri Anant Mathur WARD NO. 32 Hafkin Bunglow Parel, Mum-12 24165335  - not available
Shri. Pramod Amre WARD NO.Saishradha Building, G.D. Ambedkar Road 9892626192 (Tel. out of service) -  Tel. out of service
Shri.R .N. Parera WARD NO. 32, 4/3/12, Navin Municipal Kamgar Vasahat, Shivdi Mum-15 24127038 (Wrong No). - Wrong No.
Shri Hanif Razak WARD NO. 35, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Shivdi, Mum-15 24148573 (Tel No. Does not exist) - Tel No. Does not exist
Shri Suresh Joshi WARD NO. 38, Khan Terace S.S. Vagh Marg, Dadar Mum 14 24166319  - No response
Shri. A. R. Kidolkar WARD NO. 38 V. A. Dahivalkar Buva Marg, Naigaon Dadar, Mum-14 24179831 No Not aware of ALMs
Shri Janardan Deshmukh WARD NO. 38, 7, Kohinoor Mill Chal, Naigaon, Dadar -14 247541326 (Tel No. Does not exist) - Tel. No. Does Not exist
Shri Guram Jain WARD NO. 38, Municipal Vasahat Naigaon, Dadar Mum-14 24183314  -  No response

Total No. 19

ALM details from other BMC Sources

Location / Address Contact Person B.M.C.
Junior officer
No. of families covered Segregation done Garbage Generated Vermiculture/
Date of initiating Problem Remark
kg / day
kg / day
BEST Staff Quarters Secretary BEST 
F/South Ward Citizens' Forum Mr. Divakaran     24149329     No            
K.E.M.Hospital Health Supervision     Yes            
Kamgar Maidan Mun. Garden Vijyanand Bole
24134560 Ex.318 
Kanga Building Mrs. Tendulkar     No            
Kothari Mansion Tenants Association Mr. S. S. Bhatt     No            
Kuber Garden Hort Asst. 24134560 Ex. 318     Yes            
Mitradaan CHS Mr. N. N. Lalit     No            
Mitradham Society,   J. Bhatankar Marg. Mr. Joshi secretary, Mitradham Society     Yes            
Palav Marg Pragat Parisar Mr. Suhas Parke 24111928 (wrong no.)     No            
Phalke Marg Pragat Parisar Mr. Shivkumar Lad
2410 6555  
Sewree B. D. D. Rahiwasi Sangh Mr. Dinesh Rawool
2415 5184 (no reply)
Shaid Bhagtsingh Udyan Mr. Patil  24134560  Ex. 318     Yes            
St. Paul Convent School Sr. Charlet     No            
Tata Hospital Dr. Sau Kelkar 24161413 (wrong person)     Yes            
Wadia Hospital Medical Superintendent

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