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Hyderabad FAQ on vermi-composting

Dr G Malsur , MCH Additional Commissioner (health and sanitation) on the recent move to recycle waste. 

Whatís the objective of vermicomposting?

The aim is to decentralise garbage processing and make manure.Vermicomposting will help in recycling waste,which will also reduce the pressure on dumping sites. Garbage transportation costs will also be considerably reduced.

How does the concept work?

Vermicomposting can be used to convert organic waste, like vegetable peels, into manure. The organic waste generated in a household is put in the compost pit and earthworms are used to decompose it. The resultant manure is of high quality and has a good demand in the market. This will also provide an opportunity to people to make some extra income.

What role will the municipal corporation play? What is the expenditure involved?

The corporation will provide land to set up the recycling facility.As far as the infrastructure goes,we will be providing a shed and some implements. Water resources, like borewells, will also be made available. Those interested will also receive technical guidance. All this will be made available free of cost.

Has the project started? Who will be the managing authority?

Compost units have already been set up in three colonies in the city.We have set ourselves a target of setting up at least one unit in each of the wards. This means that we will be setting up something like 100 units in the near future. Thatís the lowest target and we are hoping that more and more colonies will approach us. The managing authorities will be the representatives of the welfare associations of the respective colonies. Once set up, the facility will be managed by the welfare associations. If there is any problem,we will step in to resolve it.

How has been the response? 

The response has been very good and we are currently promoting this idea. Going by the current reaction, we think the concept will become very popular.


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