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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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List of Contact Details of all Advance Locality Management (ALMs) is available at

E Ward Advance Locality Management  
Location / Address Contact Person-1 Contact Person-2 B.M.C. Junior officer No. of families    covered Segregation done Garbage Generated  Vermiculture/
Problem Remark
kg / day
kg / day
Ajay Apartment Mr. N.R.Mitham  23714414 (wrong no.)     73 Yes 5 kg 40 kg      
Ashok Apartment Mr.R.M.Musana 23727942 (no reply)     32 Yes 5 kg 20 kg      
B. I. T. Chawl Mr. Ignatius D'Souza 
2374 8264 (no. does not exist)
Bridge View AB Mr. Bhamhar / Nawna Mr. Ashiq Shaikh
  110 Yes 10 kg 95 kg      
Bridge View Mr. Freddy Braganza, 23722523       No          
Buniyad Bldg. ABC Mr.Nagarwala 237212414 (no reply)     120 Yes 10 kg 100 kg      
Jerbai Wadi So. Mr.K. Daruwalla  23750418 (wrong person)     170 Yes 20 kg 300 kg      
Rustam Baug House Mr.R. J .Mani   9820075801, 
2372 7958 (no reply)
Mr. Rustom L. Jasoomoney (wrong person)   351 Yes 30 kg 580 kg      
Patanwala Marg Mr. Percy Daruwalla  2377 3572 (no reply)       No          
Railway Hospital ALM Mr. C. K. Mathews 
2377 8092 (no reply)
Sanjay Apartment Mr.Z.M.Khan / 
Mr. N. Shaikh 23720398 (no. does not exist)
    39 Yes 5 kg 50 kg      
Sarkar Towers  ABC Mr. S. M.Soni   23700908
Mr. Ismail Morbi
  106 Yes 15 kg 110 kg.      
Sarkar Towers DEF Mr. Martaza Arsiwala 23742878       105 Yes 15 kg 250 kg      
Sidhachal Apat. ABC Mr. Jayanti Jain 23727709 / 23722523 (no reply)     79 Yes 10 kg 100 kg      

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