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Minutes: Jan 3: Dattak Vasti Yojana: BMC - NGO Council Meeting

Venue: Mr. Ratho's office. 
Present from BMC: Mr. Ratho, AMC; Mr. A. D. Jagtap, OSD; Mrs. S. Redkar, OSD; Mr. Choube, Councillor. 
1. A workshop would be organised on Sat, Jan 28, at Dadar, for CBOs, NGOs, CDOs, etc. Community-based orgs have much to share about DVYs. Large NGOs working with slums need to be involved. Community Development Officers also need to be involved in the DVY consultation process. Active Councillors to be also called.
Mr. Jagtap will plan the objectives and the speakers and who is to be invited keeping in mind the capacity of the hall. Those who want to speak or attend should email him at or speak to him on 98212-40320.
2. Copy of complaints about cleanliness in slums to be sent directly to Mr. Jagtap when a complaint is received over phone on tel. 1916 or via OCMS. Praja to create a separate code for such complaints and forward a copy of such complaints to Mr. Jagtap. Currently such complaints do not go to Mr. Jagtap.
3. If any large NGO working with slums comes forward to provide monthly monitoring and feedback reports to MCGM about cleanliness in particular slums or slum pockets on a payment basis, they would be appointed to do so. Currently, it is not clear whether slums are getting properly cleaned or not, and if a particular DVY is doing its job properly or not and still getting paid by MCGM.
4. Some topics to be discussed at the Workshop could be a) whether to restrict the number of DVYs that a CBO / NGO can run or not;     b) whether a CBO should be necessarily registered with the Charity Commissioner or Regn with MCGM will do     c) how to institute formal third party monitoring and feedback systems    d) how to take action on improper disposal of waste by household industries in certain slums    e) how to develop networking mechanisms between CBOs ?
Interesting Notes:
a) there are 2000+ slum pockets in Mumbai. A list is available.
b) there are 250 DVYs currently. With 350, all slum pockets will be covered.
c) a DVY is supposed to collect Rs. 10 per family per month for house-to-house service, etc. Mr. Choube pointed out that when his DVY collected Rs. 5, there was 70% participation. When it collected Rs. 10, the participation fell to 40%.
d) NGOs don't seem to want to do such continuous, tedious, hands-on work. They have to depend on CBOs but do not want to do such close monitoring. The only NGO working in this is thus SPARC.
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