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Dump debris in low-lying sites, says civic body 

Mumbai: It seems debris that is constantly generated in the city’s numerous construction sites can no longer be dumped in the municipal garbage dumps. The BMC, while evaluating ways to tackle the tonnes of rubbish churned out in the city daily, has decided that debris can only be dumped in newer sites that are low-lying.
    The administration has also decided that the onus of finding new debris dumps will be on the contractors. In other words, whoever is interested in collecting the debris must also find a suitable place to dispose it off. The dump can be a low-lying area or even abandoned quarries.
    The do-it-yourself plan is meant to discourage contractors from ferrying debris to civic dumping grounds. If it doesn’t work, the BMC will increase the tipping fee from Rs 60 per tonne to Rs 500 per tonne. “The municipal dumping ground is meant only for municipal solid waste and not debris. On an average, we receive around 1,800 to 2,000 tonnes of debris daily,’’ said P R Sanglikar, deputy civic chief, in-charge of solid waste management.
    One of the chief reasons for refusing debris is that the municipal dumping grounds are not equipped to recycle it. The debris invariably occupies precious landfill space which is already in short supply. The Deonar dumping ground, which is the largest in the city is expected to reach saturation point in the next two years. The new dumping ground at Kanjurmarg (142 hectares) will be operational only after a year as it is still under construction. Sanglikar said this was an interim arrangement till the BMC could arrange for permanent dumps to dispose off debris. “The state government has identified two private plots, both abandoned quarries, one at Oshiwara and the other at Dahisar. A notification has already been issued to acquire the plots,’’ he said. 

Publication: Times of India, Mumbai; Date: Jan 24, 2006; Section: Times City ; Page Number: 8



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