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Co-op. society formation rules

Nirmaan - Formation of Societies

The basic guidelines for the formation of Co-operative society in Maharashtra State are as follows

        1.There should be at least ten persons or more as the Registrar may determine from time to time.

2.These persons should be from different families

3. These persons should be competent to enter into a contract under the Indian contracts Act 1872

4. He should reside in the area of operation of the Society.

         5. He should be eligible as per the bye-laws of the proposed Society.

6. Any individual, firm, company or any other body corporate can become member of the Society.

Any Society registered under this Act or Societies registration Act 1860,

State & Central Government , Public Trust, local authority

7. The object of the Society should be promotion of economic interests or general welfare of the members or the public, in accordance with the co-operative principles.

8. It should be economically sound, its registration should not affect adversely on the development of the co-operative movement

  1. Its registration should not be contrary to the policy directives of the State government.

Procedure of Formation of a Co-operative Society :

Willing , eligible persons should come together and conduct a meeting. This meeting will decide the name of the proposed Society, its object and bye-laws and then elect a Chief Promoter authorising him to sign the necessary documents on behalf of the promoter members and open a bank account in the name of the proposed Society after obtaining the necessary permission from the Registrar.

The Chief Promoter will apply to the Registrar for reservation of name of the Society of the proposed society and permission to collect share-capital.

He will then deposit the collected share money in the bank account of the proposed Society.

The application for Registration has to be made in FORM-A . The promoters have to give four copies of Form-A to the Registrar alongwith copies of bye-laws and necessary documents depending on the type of the Society. This has to be done only after receiving the name reservation from the Registrar and after collection of the necessary share capital.

The application for registration should be accompanied with the Scheme showing economic feasibility of the proposed Society, bank balance certificate, list of persons who have contributed to the share-capital and the entrance fee of the proposed Society.

The prescribed Registration Fees have to be paid into the Government Treasury.

Copy of the document authorising any person to sign the application on behalf of a partnership firm, Company or other body corporate

This procedure is common for all the Societies to be registered in Maharashtra State.

The other documents/procedures necessary for a particular type of a Society are in a related site: 

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