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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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A note on the Cleanliness Task Force
Objective: Citizens' Report about Cleanliness Problems in their localities
Method: Citizen will file reports online in a simple standard format which will go to relevant BMC officials and will be displayed publicly. Monthly meetings will be held with BMC to generate ideas.
1. A Cleanliness Task Force to be formed in each of the 227 Councillor Wards.
2. CTF to comprise of 5 citizens - more if necessary for the size of the ward.
3. Each citizen to select a beat near his / her home / work place.
4. Thus with 5 beats every ward should get covered (is this a valid assumption?)
5. Each citizen will file his / her report daily (or frequently) on-line (so net connection is necessary)
6. The report has only 4 fields:
    - improvements today (optional)
    - locations where waste not cleared
    - names of possible waste throwers (optional)
    - suggestions (optional)
7. Each report will be emailed to the following:
    - person making the report
    - appropriate BMC person in the ward (BMC will nominate one person for each report)
    - appropriate BMC persons at higher levels (maybe weekly or fortnightly reports)
    - karmayog
8. The report will be automatically displayed on the Karmayog website for public display.
9. The Cleanliness Task Force will, in due course, invite the Councillor to be ex-officio chairperson, and BMC nominee will also be ex-officio member. The functioning of the CTF will, however, be by the citizens.
10. In due course, BMC will be requested to put a proposal to the Standing Committee for a payment of Rs. 10,000 per month for each CTF. Till then, each CTF member will have to bear his / her own cost.
11. The primary aim of the CTF is to report. If any CTF member wants to follow up, they can do so with the nominated BMC officer. Also with the LACC of their Councillor Ward.
12. Every month, there will be a meeting between AMC and other BMC officers along with all CTF members. This meeting will be for system-fixing i.e. why are repeated complaints not getting resolved?
13. If this system works, similar system can be evolved for other local civic problems.
14. All this will be under the aegis of the NGO Council.
Pl comment.

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