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Themes and Theme-leaders to be: (this overrides previous lists)                                                                   6th Dec, 2005 

1) Cleanliness Task Force teams Ramita Mehta (Cell: 9821878215) & 
       Nusrat Khatri (Tel: 28878481 /  98922-01623) of Help Charitable Trust / Women's Political Forum
2)    documentation of successful initiatives - power point / video Katy Rustom (Cell: 9323188962) of CERE

3) Wet Waste:  
    - Restaurants: Vinda Wagh of MEDC (Cell: 9869076536)
    - Food and Flower Markets and Temples: Harshad Gandhi of Excel Ind. (cell: 9820330187)   
    - Hotels & Hospitals (food): Rajul Berde of Orchid Hotel (Tel: 26164040)  
    - Institutions - Rita Sujan of Clean Air Island
    - ALMs & Housing Societies: Indrani Malkani (Cell: 9821338264)  
    - Slums: Ragini Jain of Geetanjali Environment Improvement Society (Cell: 9821280214)  
    - Tabelas & Slaughterhouses: Jayasimha of PETA India  (Cell: 9870452444) 

4) Dry Waste including Ragpickers: Jyoti Mhapsekar of Stree Mukti Sangathana (Cell: 9820224529)

5) Construction & Debris Waste incl. silt and inerts: Bejoy Davis of YUVA India (Cell: 9869111315)
6) Medical Waste: (Theme Leader Needed)
7) Non-recyclable Waste & Hazardous Waste (Household): Dr. Kishore Wankhade of Toxic Links (tel: 39446733)
8) Dumping Grounds: Sangita Saraf of Stree Mukti Sangathana (Tel: 55745835)
9) Beaches: (Theme Leader Needed)
10) Lakes: (Theme Leader Needed)
11) Slums including sanitation: Ragini Jain of GEIS (Cell: 9821280214)  

12) Taking up Demonstration Precincts / Area Adoption: United Way of Mumbai (Tel: 2202 9658) ; and various Rotary Clubs have evinced interest
13) Identifying locations in wards for dry-waste kiosks, wet waste composting, sorting areas for ragpickers, C&D transfer points, other waste receiving centres: (along with BMC officers)
    - A Ward: Shanta Chatterji of Clean Air Island (Tel: 23619249 / 23860703)
    - B Ward: Vinda Wagh of MEDC  (Cell: 9869076536)
    - D Ward: Indrani Malkani (Cell: 9821338264) of AGNI + Punam Hudar of FORCE (Cell: 9820421039 / 25546172 / 30931656)
    - F-North: Vinda Wagh of MEDC  (Cell: 9869076536)
    - H-West: Punam Hudar of FORCE (Cell: 9820421039 / 25546172 / 30931656)
    - K-West: Punam Hudar of FORCE + Ragini Jain of GEIS (Cell: 9821280214)
    - S Ward: Lalita Sudhakar of Giants Group of Powai Saheli (Tel: 25722757 / 25768111)
    - 13 Wards: A, B, F-N, G-N, G-S, H-E, K L, M-E, M-W, N, S, T, if no specific volunteer Jyoti Mhapsekar of SMS (Cell: 9820224529) 
14) Ongoing Research for future policy making: Katy Rustom of CERE (Cell: 9323188962) 

15) Education, Awareness, Training: Katy Rustom (Cell: 9323188962) of CERE with Kiran Madan (Cell: 9867019761) of Sanskar India 
16) Collating of Responses to BMC: Vinda Wagh (Cell: 9869076536) of MEDC (Tanya Mahajan has also volunteered)
17) Overall Point Persons currently: Vinay Somanis of Karmayog and Tanya Mahajan  
If you are interested and willing to head any theme area (including any of the ones above), please inform.
If financial support is needed to put together a detailed policy / procedure documentation, it may be available through BMC    

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner