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BMC and the NGO Council are working on creating formal engagement mechanisms with each other. The first area is regarding Cleanliness in Mumbai. This page lists information pertaining to the co-operation idea, cleanliness group participants, views, suggestions, and articles pertaining to cleanliness. If you are interested in being involved, please email us.    - MCGM - NGO Council MOU 
- Guiding Principles 
- BMC - NGO - Citizens meeting

  - BMC Solid Waste Rules 2006 w.e.f 1 Mar 06 
  - Local Area Citizen Groups (LACGs)
  - Garbage Complaints
  - Slums     



BMC Tenders 

- Tenders for Supply, Delivery, Operation & Maintenance of 48 nos. of Dumpers for City, Western Suburbs and Eastern Suburbs
- Tender for cleaning of roads & footpaths under "Parivartan Prakalp" Clean Mumbai Campaign: No. 206317 dt. 03-02-06 (marathi - pdf) 
- BMC SWM Dept invites bids for composting/vermicomposting or bio-gas projects 
- SWM Dept invites bids for Consultancy Services   


Start a Cleanliness Task Force reporting team in your area 
   (log-in for CTF members is on top right) 
- See Cleanliness Task Force Daily Reports    
- See a sample Daily Report filed by one CTF     
- Start a CTF & report on the Cleanliness Situation in your area 
See the Daily Report Form that needs to be filled online   
- This is the info we need from you to start your CTF 
- Details of Ward Boundaries
- Locate your councillor ward (PDF)

If you are an individual / ngo / commercial org / govt. body, that can offer any services / expertise to others regarding any cleanliness inititiative, please send the following details: 
- Your profile, note, presentation (e.g. powerpoint), services offered, rates.
- If you can only give a talk, that is also valuable. 
- If you have a CD, pl send it to us for uploading.


NGO Council Recommended 

- All product packages should have waste disposal method symbol (27 Jan 2006)
- Solid Waste Management Flow Chart proposed by NGO Council Cleanliness Group
- Mission : Mumbai Chakachak - 'Policy Framework Recommendations for a Clean Mumbai 28   
Oct 2005
     -  Minutes of Oct 28, 2005, BMC - NGO Council Cleanliness Group meeting
     - BMC-NGO Oct 28 meeting transcription by Tanya Mahajan      
- BMC-NGO -Citizen-Corporate Partnership Flow Chart 
      - Roles of each BMC-NGO group 



Get Involved
Join the NGO Council Cleanliness Group
Themes and Theme-leaders for Cleanliness in Mumbai
- (Can you / your NGO take up any of these tasks?)  
- Suggested / Interested members in BMC-NGO Cleanliness Group
- Minutes of  Nov 16: Wed: 4 - 6 pm - Meeting of NGO Cleanliness Group 
- Wet Waste Management notes by theme leader Harshad Gandhi 
- Note on Hotel Waste by theme leader Vinda Wagh 
- Note on hotels and hospital food waste management  

- Cleanliness: at JVPD by GEETANJALI 
- Recommendations by PETA to clean Deonar 
    -  Deonar Investigation Report by PETA 
    -  Animal Handling - Best Practices 
- Medical Waste Handling suggestions by Medwaste 
- Rotary's Apna Parisar / Rotary's Apna Parisar Roadmap
- United Way's Mumbai Renewal Plan
- Cleanliness and Solid Waste Management: B- Ward Project in Mumbai 
- MEDC's initiatives for a clean Mumbai
- Pigeons and their Nuisance  (12-12-05)
- Urban agriculture on stabilised city waste by Almitra Patel      
- Solid Waste Management event Parivarthan- 2006


Waste pickers / Rag pickers

- Polyethylene Therephthalate (PET) Recycling Unit at Bandra (BMC Patrika, May-2005) 
- Tender for cleaning of roads & footpaths under "Parivartan Prakalp" Clean Mumbai Campaign: No. 206317 dt. 03-02-06 (marathi - pdf) (15 Feb 06)
- Note for suggested BMC policy for Ragpickers -- draft 2 (3 Feb 2006) (please respond)
    - Clarifications: note for suggested BMC policy for Ragpickers
(3 Feb 2006)
- Recommendations by Jyoti Mhapsekar of Stree Mukti Sangathan (SMS) for dry waste and waste pickers 
    Organising the Unorganised: Case Study of KKPKP, Pune (Trade Union of Waste-pickers) 
    -  Environmental Entrepreneurship Program for Urban Poor Women by SMS 
Suggestions to make ragpickers stakeholders of the recyclables (3 Feb 2006) 
- Permitting the rag pickers to collect the waste from homes, shops and market places 
- Ragpickers run clean revolution
(3 Feb 2006) 
- Thane sends rag-pickers to homes to collect trash  (3 Feb 2006) 
- Trash to Fashion - nearly Rs. 1 crore a year by ragpickers 
- Policy for integrating ragpickers in waste collection and disposal system of swm dept. (pdf) 
3 Feb 06 
- RAIL CLEANUP-Wanted: Ragpickers with good track record (HT, 20 Aug 07)




Government Rules & Acts  

- Maharashtra Ordinance No. IV of 2006   (pdf) (22 Mar 06)
   - Maharashtra Non-Biodegradable Garbage (control) Ordinance 2006 for Environment (pdf) (22 Mar 06)
   -Maharashtra Non-Biodegradable Garbage (control) Ordinance 2006 for Plastic (pdf) (22 Mar 06)

Environment Status of Brihanmumbai 2004-2005  (pdf) (25 Mar 06)
Environment Status of Brihanmumbai 2003-2004  (pdf) (25 Mar 06)
Environment Status of Brihanmumbai 2002-2003
  (pdf) (25 Mar 06)
     - Executive Summary
     - Pollution level
     - List of  Tables

- Manual on Pay and Use Public Sanitary Conveniences in Mumbai (24 Feb 06)
- New solid waste management (SWM) contracts and licences
    - Schedule of Penalties
    -  Vinay's Comments: Desired objectives & terms for tender for waste transport contractors 
MSW container specifications
 - Construction & demolition & de-silting waste (management & disposal) Rules 2006
    -  NGO Council recommendations / comments on C & D and De-silting Waste (M & D) Guidelines - Sep 05 
- Report of Committee of Supreme Court - March 1999 on SWM in Class 1 Cities of India
- Municipal Solid Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000  
    -  Guidelines for Implementation of MSW (M&H) Rules, 2000  
- Bio-Medical Waste (M & H) Rules, 1998
- Hazardous Wastes (Management and Handling) Amendment Rules, 2000  
- Dhaka Recommendation 2004 on Waste Management 
- Re-cycled Plastics Manufacture and Usage Rules, 1999 
    -  Integrated Approach For Plastics Waste Management  
- BMC- Environment status report - 2002-2003  
- Permitting the rag pickers to collect the waste from homes, shops and market places 
- Maharashtra Pollution Control Board website
- MCGB Market Departments (PDF) (18-12-05) 
- Policy Guidelines for Granting Permission to Utility & Municipal Agencies for Excavation & Reinstatement thereafter (2 Jan 06)
- MCGM Draft Compost Purchase Rules (pdf) (6 Jan 06) 
- Mumbai Sewage Disposal Project  (12 Jan 06) 
- SWM dept. Invitation of Expression of Interest (pdf) (Jan 25 06) 
- MCGM circular to use vermiculture bin for disposal of wet waste dt. 9 Jan 2003 7 Feb 06
- MCGM circular for measures to handle debris lying on footpaths and roads dt. 14 Nov 05 (pdf) 7 Feb 06
- Notifications, rules regarding ban on plastic bags, Government of Himachal Pradesh (13 Feb 06)



Links to websites & articles on Cleanliness and SWM 

BMC goes under to give surface succour. Micro Tunnelling at 14 more points in City (BMC Patrika, May-2005)
(1 Mar 06) 
- What is Urban Poverty?
- Lessons from community-based initiatives in solid waste    
- Community Partnerships in Integrated Sustainable Waste Management 
- Pilot Project on Solid Waste Management in Khulna City   
- CWG – WASH Workshop 2006 - Solid Waste, Health and the Millennium Development Goals  
- U. S. Environmental Protection Agency State wise for Solid and Hazardous Waste 
- Solid Waste Management - Best Practices in India (pdf) (11 Jan 2006)
- Writ Petition No 2546 between Mumbai Med Waste Action Group V/s MCGM on Bio Medical Waste  (pdf) (17Jan 2006) 
- Garbage bins and the Kyoto protocol. Capitalise on carbon credit trading to solve urban solid waste disposal problem
- Schools learn lesson in better waste management (20Jan 06)
- BMC to put microbes to work at Deonar (20 Jan 06)
- Biomedical waste - Pollution board raps 7 hospitals (20 Jan 06)
Dump debris in low-lying sites, says civic body (24 Jan 06)
- Extended Producer Responsibility: A Responsible Materials Policy  (27 Jan 06)
- A summary of Policy instruments applied around the world to tackle the plastic bags problem (pdf) (13 Feb 06)
- The ban on plastic bags in Goa, Navhind Times February 9, 2006 (13 Feb 06) 
- Plastic Bag Ban in Bangalore, Darjeeling & Goa (
13 Feb 06) 
- 200+ Cleanliness articles (including 60 articles by Almitra Patel) 
- Waste generated by "Tabela" owners (2 Mar 06)
- Flooding in Mumbai 
- COMPOST COMFORT - Don't bin the waste, pot it, says this Bangalore start-up
- BMC's decision on security agencies for garbage by-laws on hold
- Railways to employ ragpickers for cleaning railway stations and selected stretches of tracks
- Recycling : A global work in progress - the fate of a plastic bottle (Publication : DNA; Section :   World; Pg : 16; Date : 24/2/07)

- Trash means Cash (Mumbai Mirror;Date:Aug 17, 2007; Section:Bombay Buck; Pg:13)
- Decision on security agencies for garbage by-laws on hold (IE, Pg : 3; Date : 23Aug07)


People Involved
- NGO Council Community Group Members - Join
   - Meetings / Agenda / Minutes    

  - NGO Council Working Group - Join 

  - NGO Council Core Group 

  - BMC Officials

 - Advance Locality Management Groups (ALM) / Local Area Citizens Committee (LACC) page  

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