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  Score Card to monitor cleanliness activities undertaken by CBOs under Dattak Vasti Yojana  

Name and address of CBO/contact

Total no of households

Election ward no-

Municipal ward-

Total population

Total no of roads-         bypass-            nallahs- drains-              toilets-              shops-

Geographical/ topographical characteristics-
Names of the slum pockets  

Sr. no

Types of cleanliness work undertaken by CBOs

Types of backward linkages needed for the activities

By whom

Types of forward linkages needed for the activities

By whom

Total score

Obtained score


Whether daily house to house garbage is collected in satisfactory manner

(a) Provision of bins at convenient places are kept.

(b) Deployment of man power and carrying garbage up to municipal collection point


Transportation of garbage from the municipal collection point regularly at decided intervals

AHS Supervisor & J. O




Whether Slum dwellers are informed to handover the garbage at predetermined time and place

CBO are expected to under take awareness activities with the slum dwellers


The slum dwellers not cooperating will be penalized by municipal nuisance detector

Concerned CBO, AHS, supervisors and JOs jointly prepare such list and inform the nuisance detector. MCGM will issue notice to those not cooperating.



3 Whether the quantum of garbage from public places and strategic places such as roads, open nallahs, drainages from nearby toilet places, railway tracks has reduced. CBO is expected to inform slum dwellers not to throw garbage at public places and to handover garbage to volunteers at particular time at particular place. Handing over equipments and tools to the volunteers engaged in cleaning activities. Forma I training to volunteers will be given by concerned AHS their team if necessary ABO, AHS Assessment and supervision of the cleaning activities by supervisory staff. Reviewing the status of the amenities in terms of its maintenance/ repairs By MCBM staff such as AE (maint), proposed cell of Dattak Vasti Yojana at Che. Eng SWM office. 20  
4 Whether the slum dwellers are motivated and prepared to keep wet and dry garbage separately. Creating awareness among slum dwellers about importance of keeping wet and dry garbage separately, providing two dust bins for dry and wet garbage and training volunteers CBO and their volunteers Training CBOs in converting wet garbage into manure and disposing dry garbage for recycling purpose through rag pickers or any other method. SWM ward staff, monitoring cell of Dattak Vasti Yojana  15  
5 Whether total quantum of garbage in proportionate to the slum population is being lifted CBO has to maintain benchmark records in terms of the total garbage generated and lifted upto municipal collection point on regular basis. CBO and their volunteers At each Dattak Vasti Yojana records of total garbage lifted from municipal collection point will be recorded by the concerned MCBM staff. The staff engaged in transporting the garbage from slum areas. 15  
6 Whether public contribution is paid by the slum dwellers Creating awareness about role of public contribution in sustaining DVY in future. Issuing appropriate receipts to the slum dwellers. CBO and their volunteers Maintaining uniformity in receipts in DVY. Reviewing progress of upfront contribution. Identifying difficulties in collecting upfront contributions. SWM ward staff, monitoring cell of Dattak Vasti Yojana 10  
7 Whether toilet blocks are cleaned properly and regularly Locating of the toilet blocks taking slum dwellers in confidence for CBO and their volunteers Ward staff such as AE (maint) has to cooperate and handover responsibility to CBO, undertake repair work if necessary. The CBO has to provide cleaning material. Asst Comm AE (main) AHS etc. 10  
8 Provision of financial support to the activities of DVY Timely submission of bills, payments to staff, supply of cleaning material etc. CBO and their volunteers Certifying bills at timely manner, resolving penalty issues with CBOS in advance. AHS and their staff, account staff of MCGM 10  

Signature of third party supervisor.                                            Name of supervisor and date


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