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BMC Solid Waste Rules 2006 - Municipal Solid Waste (Prohibition of Littering and Regulation of Segregation, Storage, Delivery and Collection) Rules 2006 
- Complete Rules
  - Index of Rules
  - Summary of Rules

  - Press Release
  - If citizens want cleanliness drive in their area 
  - MCGM Circular declaring "Zero Tolerance Zones" in Mumbai dt. 7 Mar 2006 (pdf)  
  - Zero Tolerance Zones (Ward wise lists): 
     - City (57 roads in wards A, B, C, D, E, F/S, F/N, G/S & G/N)
     - Eastern Suburbs (61 roads in wards L, M/E, M/W, N, S & T)
     - Western Suburbs (42 roads in wards H/W, H/E, K/W, K/E, P/S, P/N, R/S, R/C & R/N) 



MEDC - SWM Reports

- B ward report



Composting and Vermiculture 

- Hyderabad FAQ on vermi-composting
- Conversion of Organic Waste by Vermiculture Method (BMC Patrika of June-July 2005)
- Composting
Composting and Vermiculture sites in Mumbai
- List of municipal schools where vermiculture was initiated   
Gamdevi residents propose a win-win project to BMC   
Conversion of Organic Waste by Vermiculture Method by Seema Redkar, M.C.G.M.   
Waste is a resource - compost it
- Waste that could be used for vermi-composting
- General composting
- Vermi-composting using local varieties of earthworms
- Method to do Small Scale Vermicomposting by Punjab State Council for Science & Technology
- Method of how to vermi-compost: by Chandigarh Govt.
- Method of composting by Kerala Govt
- Worm compost
- Document on guidelines to implement MSW Rules 2000- by MPCP
- Awareness programmes on vermitech in schools 
- Explanation on how to do Vermiculture  
Composting and its Microbiology (pdf)  
- Vermicomposting a Technological option to landfilling for organic Solid Waste Management  
Composting of Municipal Solid Waste (jpg)



Support from ALMs

N Dutta Marg ALM
- Bombay Dyeing proposal for P. Budkar Marg ALM
Chembur: Profile of Pestom Sagar Chembur ALM / Pestom Sagar Chembur ALM in the news 
                     - Pestom Sagar ALM visited
- Versova:
Profile of SAVE Forum, Four Bunglows
- Juhu: Problems faced by Gulmohar X Road NO. 6 ALM
- Kandivali (E): Viceroy Park A & B Tower ALM Committee
                        - Sun, 11 Dec: Site Visit to Model ALM at Kandivli E   
- Bandra: St. Andrews Road (N) Resident's ALM Association
                      - Zero-waste plan for Bandra (W)
                      - Bandra ALM seeks traffic curbs 
- Diamond Garden Resident's Forum, Chembur
    - Strand Marg Association
Suggestions by Chembur ALM, Kandivli ALM, Lokhandwala ALM 
    - ALM Newsletter (pdf)
    - ALMs network closely with BMC


AMC Reviews of weekly Parivartan Prakalp meeting

- AMC Review on Solid Waste Management dtd 13 Jan 06 (ppt)  
- Minutes of Parivartan Prakalp meeting with A.M.C.(City) on 27.05.05   





Manuals on Waste Management by Achieving Action in Waste Management (AAWaM) and Centre for Environment Education (CEE) 

- Lesser plastics for a better future 
- Lesser plastics for a better future (pdf in hindi)
- Do you have a problem with your garbage?
- Do you have a problem with your garbage? (pdf in hindi) 
- Composting 
- Composting (pdf in hindi) 
- Healthcare establishments waste management and education programme - Gulbarga by CHAMP
- Combating Solid Waste


 Local Area Citizen Groups (LACGs) 

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