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Draft MOU between BMC & Citizens 

Points to be covered in a BMC - NGO Sector MOU ???
        -- this is an extremely quick set of points thought of by me. pl give your feedback asap to me at so that all your viewpoints and ideas can be incorporated, and we can proceed with making an MOU outline for discussion and finalisation. A meeting of the NGO Council will be held and it is thus important to receive your views at the earliest. thanks. vinay. 98200-29884
1. MOU between whom
         -- entire BMC and entire NGO Sector / Citizen Groups (represented by NGO Council)
2. purpose
        -- to involve / include citizens in the policy making, program planning, implementation, and monitoring of all external BMC, policies, programs , procedures, activities, initiatives
3. objectives
        -- transparency in decision taking and implementation
        -- incorporation of views of all stakeholders
        -- clarity to all regarding policies and procedures
        -- defined process of engagement for planning, implementation and monitoring
        -- reduced referrals to courts
4. issues to be covered
        -- all the ones affecting citizens which are within the purview of BMC e.g. solid waste management, hawkers, public spaces, roads, animals, environmental issues, slums, toilets, education, health
5. procedure for policy decisions
        -- for each issue, NGO Council shall form a core group, BMC shall form a core group, and these two groups will constitute the steering group for that issue. The steering group may include expert individuals and organisations as invitees or resource persons.
        -- views of corporators to be invited
        -- NGO Council shall evolve its own procedure of nominating people in the core group from all NGOs, community organisations, resident organisations, etc.
6. underlying assumptions
        -- citizens to be treated with equal respect by bmc
        -- views of all stakeholders are important
        -- transparency of decision making is an objective
        -- either side will not break off the engagement
7. transparency
        -- all necessary information and data e.g. statistics, results, data, financials, to be shared by BMC with the NGO Council
        -- all necessary information will be shared with the public e.g. policies, procedures
8. implementation at citizen level
        -- mechanism for implementation, involvement, feedback at the 24 ward levels and 227 councillor area levels to be defined
        -- existing networks of NGOs, citizen groups, resident organisations, ALMs, LACCs, at ward levels to be included
        -- mechanism of pilot projects
        -- mechanism of feedback via results, and also polls and surveys
9. dispute resolution
        -- matters will be referred to a pre-defined broader group
        -- if that fails, polls and surveys will be carried out and results taken into account
        -- if that fails, matter will be referred to arbitration
        -- if that fails, the two sides will disengage on that issue?
        -- what if the NGO sector can not agree on an issue amongst themselves?
10. review
        -- mechanism to review the process yearly to be defined

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