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Baghidari out - Accountability In

Think Tank Delhi based - Baghidari, no way forward:

Baghidari out - Accountability In / Tittering Baghidari - Maturity emerges through Introspection

Ruled are inevitably subservient to Masters. Like we were for long years during Colonization. Likewise our ill trained, came into Power by befooling Our 60% Illiterate, additionally Rigging votes by Foul means. They also get intoxicated once in the Hot Commanding Seat. Having also surrounded themselves in this process with a bunch of sycophants who feed their ego constantly - are blinded to ground reality. Singing India Shining, look at the stock market.

Chamchagiri gets enhanced & leads to distorted State Policies.

Lend a Hand to gone astray, by wise in society, through introspection has inevitably been the prerogative of the thinking mind. The time has come to analyze this fašade of doing larger Good though what has been termed as Baghidari.

State is the Collector of Taxes whereby it is supposed to deliver Services & well being to its Tax Payers. Lets take a Holistic view of Delhi & its obvious to even a newborn child that the State has failed miserably in its Duty.

Child swaps & sale, are not unknown in our dirty filthy Public Hospitals, cows on the Roads compelling users to express Humility was in place now reluctantly counter acted by offering Rs 2000 per Head for catching the obstruction - traffic is chaotic & is a hair raising experience for all users.

Kids compelled to go to school sandwiched in Matadors & closeted Rickshaws is a disgusting sight.Chaotic Traffic even in Rajdhani. 

The Police instead of Policing now indulge in Extortion & without mercy or consideration is inhuman as one saw through their brethren in neighbouring Gurgoan from wherein lot many descend on Delhi. Their perks are derived from haftas, as brought to notice & reminded by a prominent news channel referring to Dance bars in Mumbai. All know of their daily extortion by
providing protection to Law Breakers & encroachers.

Baghidari is the last straw to the Drowning state of Governance by NCT - by the State it's a clear act of abdication of Responsibility. Not at all done with any grace but its quite like Comforting a person nearing their end in ICU - stating that the oxygen is on its way as the store keeper & Management slipped up - mostly ending in a tragic end. Which is also soon
forgotten as next slip ups over power - the one yesterday.

Why should an upright Citizen be seeking small change - crumbs from its Elected Representative? - Even Councilors, ill trained & many have come through as Lawbreakers & offenders whilst Demolitions are ongoing.

Like a tamed dog seeks the indulgence & benevolence of its Master around a Dining table. This is jarring.

By getting oneself Photographed alongside the Collector, Magistrate, Councilor, Minister, scamster Civil Servant was like creating History - the photograph occupied Pride of Space in the Drawing Room. This weakness Particularly amongst our own fellow Citizens is being exploited no end. It must stop. How?

Should the State be committed to corrections now - it must then get Watchdogs & Social Auditors - someone Watching. This is on the cards - Mahendra Veds article on 19 July 05 in Times of India is pertinent, supports & recommends. Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore brought out a book in 2002 - Holding the State to Account, Citizens Monitoring in Action by Dr Samuel
Paul. This is what is required. Think Tanks also recommend likewise - also Proof, the Janaagraha correct Civic Services disciplining methodology. 

Thus far Baghdadi has comforted Sycophants - it must be steered sensibly to get out of the distortion & divide it's created amongst committed. Clearly we have to look at the larger interests of Society & not let our elected get away with hood winking the honest Taxpayer.

NCT Govt is also today seen as fallen flat like a punctured Tyre in its unworthy Partnership with a known discredited Discom. The whole Electricity loot today engages intelligent minds like never before. 
Heads will role as facts emerge discrediting the vast uncalled for publicity by Rajdhani & Yamuna nesting within Vote bank politics.

Citizens Voice, like never before - today seeks Accountability, Transparency & refuses to be shortchanged any longer, even when they see their State Closeted in rather compromising comfort zones with Powered businessmen known for deceit & manipulating the State Machinery. It's also seen as the Last straw of corrupt decaying Governance, GenNext & Senior Citizens now counteracting the same with moves towards Ethical upright behavior. Churning the rot to public view by spirited young Journalists also getting proactive like never before.

Getting applaud from Superannuated Bureaucrats in UN & World bodies Inconsequential - yet another - you pat my back, we pat yours! -  whilst Tax paying citizens suffer. Quite like Honest pay for dishonest theft of Electricity in Delhi, whilst CEA, NCR Govt & DERC turn a blind eye. 
The Failures in Governance being highlighted by respected Sh Gurcharan Das in his Tara Ali Baig Memorial Lecture on 8 Aug 05 at IIC, N Delhi. 
Sensible, amongst us, understand that Befooling through Baghidari is clearly on its way out. Being thrown out of the window. Citizens want the State to perform as Governance is in the pits & will only Lend a Hand on equal terms not as unequal partners.

Circulated in yahoo groups - views edited & compiled, 1 Jan 06 - by promod chawla, former Mumbai resident for 10 fruitful productive years - <>

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner