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A Ward Advance Locality Management  
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B.M.C.  Junior Officer No. of families    covered Segregation Done

Garbage Generated 

Date of initiating Problem Remark
53, Ocean View, Coloba           Yes            
A Road Residence Association Mrs. Kamal 
Tosunwar: 2049820  

Mrs. Oberoi 2046835 Mrs. Kohli 
22810204 swarnk@
B.P.T.Garden Colaba Mr.Sonawane  
22661353 (no answer)
    Bhagte Sonawane J.E   Yes            
Bhaibandarkar Adarsh MachiMar Vasahat Mr. Patil         Yes            
Bhatia Baug Garden Mr.Sonawane  
(no answer)
    Sutar J.O   Yes            
C. Road Residential Association           Yes            
C.P.R.A.Garden Cuffe Parade Mr.Balsara Puri 22184941
    Bhogte Kadam J.E   Yes            
C.Road Churchgate (Seven Society) Mina Muthai 2281083
(no answer)
Colaba Army Area Kumaoon Batalion Capt. Bhushan Oka / 
Capt. Vidyanand
Coloba Advance Locality Management Madhuri Lele         Yes            
Coloba cuff Parade Res. Association G.D. Somani Marg & Nagar           Yes            
Colaba Pumping station           Yes            
Colaba Woods Garden,Cuffe Parade Mr.Sonawane  
(no answer)
    Bhogte   Yes            
D.Road Rahivashi sangh           Yes            
Henry Road Red. Asso.           Yes            
Hornimal Circle Garden Mr. Sonawane 
(no answer)
    Sonawane J.E.,Kazi   Yes            
I.N.S.Kunjali S.B.S.Marg. Season Dock Cpt.Mishra     Bhogte Kadam J.E   Yes            
J.Tata Road,Pvt.Garden Churchagate Mr. Sonawane 22661353  (no answer)     Sharma       Yes            
Lalit Bldg.P.P.Marg Secretary     Mr.Kazi Kadam J.E   Yes            
Machimar Nagar Cuffe Parade           Yes            
Maharashi Karve Rd.           Yes            
Maker Tower L. Co-op. Society Cuffe Parade Toprani 22181958
    Bhogte Kadam J.E   Yes            
Mandar Behind LIC Office Mrs. Ubale  22819762         Yes            
Marine Drive Residents Association Mr. Anil Bhatia / 
Mr. Sushil Haralkar 
9820607177 / 2811941
      86 Yes            
Marine Plaza           Yes            
Merry Weather Rd. (14 Society)           Yes            
Merry Weather Rd.Garden Mr.Sonawane 
(no answer)
    Desouza   Yes            
Military Workshop Nanabhai Moose Rd. Mr.Kutty     Bhogte Kadam J.E   Yes            
Mumbai Port Trust Garden           Yes            
Naval Head Quarter Mrs. Rita Rao  22152303  (no answer)         Yes            
Oval co-operage Residents Association           Yes            
Pipewala Bldg. 4th Pasta Lane           Yes            
Salaka Mrs. Upasana         Yes            
Sarvodaya shopping Centre           Yes            
Satkar Hotel           Yes            
Sneh Sadan, K.C. College Marg           Yes            
Suniti Suruchi Appt. Near Sachiwalay           Yes            
The Coloba Lane Co-op Society           Yes            
U.S. Club Comm. A. K. Kapoor / (fax ) 22150881 Comm.  Saini        Yes            
World Trade Center Mr.Sachin
    Bhogte Kadam J.E   Yes            
Yashodhan Bldg. Dincha Vachha. Marg Smt. Ubal9820130345       32 Yes            
Yeshwantrao Chavan Pratistan           Yes            

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