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Kalpana Munshi - Apna Parisar - Locality First --- Dream Project for Mumbai  

Rotary International is a service organization to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise with high ethical standards in business and procession.   

You will be pleased to know that I have been appointed as a District Chairman – "Apna Parisar – Locality First" for the year 2005-06. I shall be working closely with 116 Rotary Clubs with more than 6000 Rotarians in Mumbai and Thane District.

"Locality First" is a dream project and a Thrust Area of our District Governor Shrirang Prabhu who is recently returned back from his International Training as the Leader of our R.I. District 3140. 

A few guidelines have been prepared for all Clubs undertake various projects in their Locality towards Cleanliness and beautification as follows: 

1. Adopt any Street / Road/Park/Hospital in their locality and beautify it.  

2. Street Furniture : Install Benches & Dustbins in Parks/Street/Road.  

3. Garbage Management: Encourage use of Trash Bags in the Locality for garbage collections in the buildings. MCGB authorities will be requested to organize for the collection of garbage on any common day decided. 

4. Grow More Trees in their Locality.  

5. Pavements : Identify and evaluate scope of work required to reconstruct and maintain the street and road pavements including footpaths and greenery for beautification providing files, interlocking tiles and resurfacing with the help of MCGB. 

6. Rainwater Harvesting in Parks / Gardens / Buildings jointly with Municipal Corporation in their Locality.  

7. Adopt Traffic Islands.  

8. Public Toilets under Fly Overs /allocated areas in Mumbai and Thane District for public convenience. 

9. Beautify Fly Overs 


  • List of name, address, Telephone Nos. and e-mail of all Ward Officers.  

·     List of all the Traffic Islands available for adoption in Mumbai and Thane District.

  • List of all the Small Public Parks/Children Parks available for adoption.
  • List of name and address of all the Lanes/Roads available for beautification in Mumbai and Thane.
  • List of Areas for Growing More Trees.
  • List of Fly-overs available for beautification.
  • List of Areas and Fly-overs available to build Public Toilets.
  • List of Pavements where resurfacing is required with interlocking tiles for beautification programme.
  • List of Parks available for Rain Water Harvesting Projects in Mumbai and Thane.
  • List of lanes/streets/Roads where dust bins can be placed and lamp posts can be installed.

Permissions :

  • Need Permission for the areas where trees/Plants can be planted.
  • Need permission to install Benches in Parks, Roadside, Side Walks and pavements and the areas allotted by BMC.
  • Need permission to place Planters on Fly-overs , Road side walks.
  • Need permission for Traffic Islands.
  • Need Permission to build Public toilets in the areas allotted by BMC under Fly-overs and other places.

What BMC Can provide.

  • Planters with Plants
  • Free Saplings
  • Dust bins and install them in the areas allotted
  • Lamp posts and install them in the areas allotted by BMC.
  • Resurfacing of the pavements
  • Services of the gardeners for beautification of Traffic Islands, Planters and other Green Areas.
  • Can organize workshops in schools on 10 subjects by Tree Authority as awareness programmes towards Wormiculture, taking care of plants, taking care of locality etc. This workshop they had organized between 24-27th February at Veermata Jijabhai Bhosale Udyan.

Rain water Harvesting:

Rotary Club of Bombay has already initiated one Rain Water Harvesting project at Sane Gurujee Udyan at Prabhadevi.

What Rotary Clubs can do :

  • Today 116 Rotary Clubs in our District 3140 are spread out in the entire Bombay City and Thane District in all directions.
  • For the above identified activities towards the beautification programme our District Governor Shrirang Prabhu has chosen it to be his Thrust Area and has entrusted all his confidence in me by appointing me as the District Chairperson for this special Thrust Area "Locality First".
  • Our 116 Rotary Clubs would love to support BMC in the beautification programme and thus see our Mumbai SHINE.
  • Rotarians will support in service and your 100% support in providing permissions and other requirements will create wonders in making "Amchi Mumbai – Sundar Mumbai’.

Can you help me on the above in making our City clean? We basically want everybody to participate in this beautification project by keeping their localities clean by adopting the above guidelines.

Further, can you help me in getting the details from BMC as also guide me on how to follow-up on the permissions?

There are funds allocated towards the development of localities from the State Government as also from the funds allocated to MLAs. How do I follow-up on the same? Can you furnish list of MLAs, with their name, address, telephone, fax and e-mail Ids, so that all together can put our efforts to make our Mumbai shine. Kindly contact me on my telephone No. 22841154 / 57.


It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner