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Zero-waste plan for Bandra (W) [ Mrs. mehra 26436756 ] 


Mumbai: Residents of slums in H West Ward in Bandra (West) will soon hear a bell several times a day. This will not be the temple or church bell calling them to prayer, it will be the garbage truck reminding them it is time to dump their waste.

    Eager to make their area a zero-waste zone, citizens of the ward have chalked out a plan for a more efficient waste disposal system which includes special attention to slums. The proposal is based on an informal study by Senior Area Locality Management Activists (SALMA).

    H west Ward generates around 350 tonnes of waste every day. The main thrust of the plan hinges on changing the style and route of garbage collection. It envisages garbage compactor trucks stopping in prominent slum clusters to ensure that waste is removed immediately. The trucks would also compulsorily ring a bell to inform the residents of their arrival.

    Quick removal of garbage, said SALMA members, is based on the observation that in most slum colonies, families do not store waste in their houses and prefer to dump it in open spaces nearby shortly after it is generated.

    The most important aspect in the garbage disposal was making the route of the garbage trucks and vans colony and slum-friendly, said activists Savita Mehra and Daphne Sardhinia. “Since some lanes were too narrow for garbage trucks, we identified collection spots near dead-end lanes and places which had slopes so that colonies in these areas would benefit,’’ said Sardhinia.

    Officer in charge of the ward, assistant municipal commissioner Anil Khoje said the routes of garbage collection were changed in keeping with recommendations of ALM members. He also said five more compactor trucks would be added to their fleet of 28. The new trucks will be half the size of the present ones.

Publication:Times Of India Mumbai;  Date:Dec 14, 2005;  Section:Times City;  Page Number:4


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