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I enumerate the problems faced by our alm  i.e. GULMOHAR CROSS ROAD NO. 6 ALM which are as follows:-
01. No Senior or responsible representative from BMC attends our ALM meetings.
02.BMC's attitude towards ALM is very very casual and non responsive.
03.We had asked permission for flower bed which is not granted even after 6 months.
04.Stormwater drains made in our area are not working and sewage water is lying stagnant in the drain sincle last many months which is the main reason for breeding of mosquitoes and spredaing all diseases.
05. Stormwater drains were to be covered befroe many months but still there is no action in this regard.
06.Half of the street light never works and trees are not trimmed regularly which also become hindrance for street light.
we can give a number of such problems which are represented number of times in all the ALM meetings but they are not attended. Last month, we had called Ward Officer and informed him that no senior officer attends ALM meetings and he was also ignorant of that. We have made complaints to him directly but still there is no response from him also.
Harshad Mehta 


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