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I think we should run the idea through with someone from the Cooperatives Ministry. 
Hope my maths is correct! - it seemed surprisingly easy - its cut down ALMs to 3750.

A. Criteria for forming an ALM:

1) Must be at least a lane.

(basic premise)

2) Where lane/street/road is very large or undefined, an ALM must include at least 5 multi-storeyed buildings/co-operative societies that are adjacent/geographically connected to each other, and cover at least 1000 families/households/units. 
(this covers the numbers required, since 1000 families is approx. 4000 persons, so the city will then have approx 15 million/4000 = 3750 ALMs - that is quite manageable - some wards will have more based on population, etc. Also Dattak Vasti will replace ALM in slum areas, so 400-600 Dattak Vastis are there? I'm not sure about the DV numbers, or about Mumbai's actual population)

3) ALM could also be a "group" of buildings/societies/structures that have a unifying identifiable character or distinct association.
 (this covers Gerson's point of character, etc)

B. Regulating ALM's: (this includes points from ALM note + Mr.Khatri's note) 
Just like there is a Federation of Co-operative Societies in Mumbai that is the umbrella body of all Co-operative Socieites in Maharashtra, the following legal structure should be present 

  1.. All Co-operative Housing Societies must nominate one member from their side to be part of an ALM.

  2.. The ALM thus formed must be a registered under the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, and can be considered as a Mini-Federation of Co-op Housing societies concerned with the problems of the immediate geographic area.

  3.. ALM responsibilities can be added to the list of responsibilities that Office Bearers of a Housing Society already have as per the Model Byelaws of Co-operative Housing Society in Maharashtra.

  4.. Necessary changes in MCGM Legal Act and Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1961 and MOFA (Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act), etc must be made.

  5.. The existing Co-operative societies act can give a good framework to build on the same and if necessary be modified also for the same. 

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