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Bandra ALM seeks traffic curbs

Concerned about the deteriorating traffic situation in Bandra, members of the Advanced Locality Managements (ALMs)-neighbourhood citizens' groups-have asked for more road dividers, zebra/pedestrian crossings and more curbs on
    Outlining the need for increased safety and protection for residents, the Senior ALM Activists (SALMA) of Bandra have said footpaths should be user-friendly and not marked by impediments to walking. 

    Activists Alfred Fernandes and Faust Gonsalves pointed out that the signal at Globus Junction, formerly New Talkies, had not been functioning properly for three years and was the cause of constant traffic snarls.

    Fernandes said SALMA will soon take up awareness campaigns with residents of Bandra and also ask the police to look into indisciplined parking. "There should be no double or angular parking unless specified by a board, and parking against the direction of traffic flow should be disallowed,'' he said. 

    Fernandes said Bandra's footpaths had so many obstructions that pedestrians were forced to walk on roads, putting their lives at risk. Gonsalves said corner junctions and bus stops needed to have 15-metre no-parking zones on either side, clearly demarcated, so that disputes between the traffic police and motorists could be avoided.     The ALM members pointed out that no-parking zones were being regularly violated by people who left their drivers in the car. "The license of such drivers should be confiscated and the vehicles removed,'' they said. Citizens' groups have asked for more dividers and better footpaths
Publication: Times Of India, Mumbai; Date: January 12 2006 ; Section: Times City; Page Number: 7 

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