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CTF has been nice enough to respond to my mail about interacting with each org over a one week period to understand how we can help. I guess it would be interesting for all of us to see how this discussion group can help each other. So please read CTF's profile below and give your suggestions as well as indicate ways how you could collaborate, help, or advise. It would be nice if you do it now itself by hitting the reply button and writing your thoughts as you read. :-) Thanks, Vinay
Registration No: E 10576(BOMBAY) DT.24-1-1986

About us: We work for the right of the child to play. Our aim is to educate children beyond reading & writing. For this, we use the potential force of toys & games to mould the character & temperament of the young ones and to hone their latent talents. We have 2 mobile toy van service and 2 centres established in 2 municipal schools, where thousands of children take benefit of the scheme. We have helped other organisations also to set up about 230 toy libraries. We conduct on-the-spot contests in intellectual & fun games. We are in Limca book of records and we have won national & internatinal awards also. We have won outstanding community service awards also. Our aim is to establish a network of 1000 toy libraries throughout India and expand our concept of on-the-spot contests to international level. 

Vision: We want mumbai to be a true cosmopolitan, clean & green city where no child is deprived of play & basic education facilities. We want to establish at least one toy library in every suburb which is a play & learning centre.

Mission: If we get funds or partners of our vision, we will labour hard to achieve the goal.

Services: toy libraries and coordination service to direct the needy to a proper institute for the help he needs.

Impact: in each of the four projects that we run, at least 800/900 children play & learn through activities. Besides that, children are served in the other libraries we have helped establish.

History: CTF was established in 1982.Till date we have helped about 230 organisations and individuals to set up a small/medium toy libraries.We have won several national & international awards.

What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?: We see that children get a variety of toys and games to play with to develop various faculties.We have trained staff to guide them. Staff do various activites also like puppetry, kraft, drawing, drama and also take lessons through quizzes, etc.

How can you work with other organisations? : Corporate or sponsors can be our financial partners and our guide in day-to-day activities & problems. We will be responsible to take the best from the staff to give the best to the beneficiary children. Similarly with Rotaries and Govt. NGOs and hospitals can come forward to have such facilities at their working places.They should contact us and we will work out for them a library with funds arranged for the cause from above agencies. We can give a talk of 15-20 minutes to a Rotary Club:
yearly budget: Rs. 8-10 lakhs
Revenue Sources: corporates and individual donors
corporates can adopt us by donating Rs. 20 lakhs to run our activities and carry out other plans. Even 2-3 corporates can come together.

full time people: 21
part time people: 5-6
volunteers: apx 20 from time to time

Help Needed:
Volunteer opportunities : yes 
Donations-in-kind needed : yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors / Mentors needed: yes
Jobs Available: no
Donation possibilities: apx rs.1000 a day to make apx 800-900 children benefit


Mr. Devendra Desai
Children Toy Foundation
Ali bldg, 72 shahid bhagat singh road, Fort, Mumbai 400023
Phone: 22664831 / 9819544506
Fax: 22841247