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 Appendix 1: A Note on Municipal Services offered to Citizens

The list of services offered at the ward level to the citizens and payments received for various services are listed below. The Proposed Solution must have the capability of supporting all these services.

There are around 240 services, which are rendered to the citizens. They are categorised as services with
- No administrative control
- One level control
- Multi level control

These are listed below. Simplified workflow for each of these services needs to be developed to render services effectively. These need to be accommodated in the portal.

1.1 Level 0 Services 

The services, which do not require Administrative Control, are listed below. 

1.1.1 Dissemination of Information (all departments involved)
• Information on all prescribed application forms.
• Checklists of procedures, required documents for all applications.
• Tariffs of MCGM.
• Relevant acts and rules.
• Citizen’s Charter.
• Ward Maps with highlights of places of importance.
• Felicitation of achievers, eminent people residing in ward.
• Information on important institutions and organizations in ward.
• Program/ event details for socially relevant activities.

1.1.2 Complaint Management (all departments involved)
• Tracking status of complaint.
• Tracking status of complaint lodged at control room.
• Tracking status of letter.

1.2 Level I Services

The services, which are provided at the ward level itself, are given below.
1.2.1 Across the counter certificates and licenses Medical Officer of Health (MOH)
• Issue of birth certificates 
• Issue of death certificates Shops and Establishments
• Renewal of licenses u/s 394. 
• Renewal of licenses u/s 412. 
• Renewal of licenses u/s 28. 28A.
• Renewal of licenses u/s 328, 328A.
• Renewal of licenses u/s 313.
• Renewal of licenses u/s 390, 479.

1.2.2 Across the counter services Assessment and Collection Department
• Extract of Property.
• Issue of duplicate tax bill.
• Issue of No Due Certificate for arrears of property.
• Information about first date of assessment.
• Property tax details. 

1.2.3 License Department
• Cancellation of license.
• Change in name of organization.

1.2.4 Water Department
• Change of ownership.
• Issue of duplicate water bill.

1.2.5 Building and Factory 
• Renewal of Factory Permit.

1.2.6 Shops and Establishments
• Accepting ‘A’ Form Registration for new registration. 
• Issuing Registration Form. 
• Accepting ‘B’ Form for renewal.
• Supplying duplicate form 
• Accepting E Form for change of category. 
• Obtaining Registration Certificates. 
• Printing of ‘C’ Form.

1.2.7 Market Department 
Note: All these services require one-level administrative control but are being carried out at the Market department itself and not at the wards. They should be transferred to the wards before computerization.
• Download License Form
• Renewal Charges 

1.2.8 Collection of Payment MOH
• Birth certificates.
• Death certificates. Assessment & Collection Department
• Property tax. Water Department
• Water Bill Shops and Establishments
• Renewal of licenses u/s 394.
• Renewal of licenses u/s 412.
• Nursing home charges.
• MPFA new license charges and general charges.
• Renewal of licenses u/s 394 (L).
• Fees for cobblers, squatter pitch, phone booths, handcarts, etc.
• Renewal of licenses u/s 28. 28A.
• Renewal of licenses u/s 328, 328A.
• Renewal of licenses u/s 313, 313 (1).
• Renewal of licenses u/s 390.
• Payment for new license and renewal u/s 479. License Department
• Repair permission charges.
• Permission for balcony enclosure, debris, demolition.
• Drainage connection charges. Colony Officer 
• Collect Rent.
• Collect Compensation. Sundry Collections
Provision shall be made in the portal to facilitate the citizens to make payment for the specified services as listed in the Annexure. Appropriate workflow for each of the payments needs to be developed.

1.2.9 Dynamic Information
• Search to check if birth is registered with MCGM (MOH).
• Search to check if death is registered with MCGM (MOH).
• Search to check validity of shops/establishment.
• Details of water bills, property tax, renewal fees, late fees for various licenses.
• Details of one’s water bill as recorded in the MCGM database.

1.3 Level II services
The services, which are subjected to Intra ward— multilevel administrative control services are given below.

1.3.1 Grievance Settlement 
In this process, all the departments would be involved by integrating/enhancing existing software if so required

1.3.2 Department-wise list of services Assessment Department
• Change of name and address.
• Property Assessment Certificate.
• Repairs of old properties as specified by the State Government. License Department
• Application for new license.
• Addition or reduction of partners.
• Change of business/profession.
• Increase/reduction of business/profession.
• Increase or reduction of the business premises related to business in slum areas under the 1971 Act.
• Increase or reduction of the business premises related to legal business premises.
• Nomination (under Food Adulteration Act).
• Permission for license transfer under Nomination.
• Permission for license transfer under selling of business, partnership and by other means. Gardens and Trees Department
• Permission for cutting and trimming hazardous trees. Water Department
• Closing of connection.
• New water connection approval for authorized construction.
• New water connection approval for construction before 1995.
• New water connection approval for slum area.
• Reconnection. Maintenance Department
• Trench evacuation permission.
• No Objection Certificate (NOC) for building roadside mandaps.
• Application for balwadi and Gymnasium.
• Permission for temporary pandals.
• Street light proposal. Building and Factory Permission
• Permission for mandap in private area.
• Permission for monsoon shed.
• Permission for repair.
• Permission for making additions/alterations to existing factory.
• Restoration of Factory Permit.
• Permission for restarting a factory. Colony Officer
• Transfer of hutment/ tenement.
• Issue of photo pass. City Engineering
• Sale of Tender. Shops and Establishments
• Cancellation of Registration. Medical Officer of Health
• Correction of Birth Certificate. 
• Correction of Death Certificate.
• Registration of still-birth.
• Registration of home birth.
• Registration of adoption.
• Issue of Non Availability Certificate for birth.
• Issue of Birth Certificate prior to 1996 (The database only contains records from 1996 onwards).
• Issue of Death Certificate prior to 1996.

1.4 Level III Services
Services, which require scrutiny/intervention from the head-office, are listed below.

1.4.1 Buildings and Factories
• Issue of permit for new factory.
• Change in ownership of factory.

1.4.2 Assessment and Collection Department
• Permission for property transfer through heredity.
• Permission for property transfer through other modes. 

1.4.3 Water Department
• License for plumber.

1.4.4 Market department
All the services listed below require multi-level administrative control by the Market department, as there are currently no department representatives at the ward level.
• Stallage charges
• Transfer of license
• Issue of Market License
• Retail license
• Seasonal permission
• Permission for slaughtering sheep and goats in slaughtering chamber
• License for sale of fresh meat (mutton, beef, pork) 
• License for cold storage (frozen meat)
• License for Wholesale Brokers (fish and banana)
• Issue of duplicate license
• Cancellation of license
• Restoration of license
• Change of commodity / additional commodity
• Mutual exchange of stall
• Registration of partnership

1.5 Complaint management system (CMS)
The Complaint management system (CMS) will be both intranet and internet enabled. A citizen, once logged into the system, has to enter his specific information like name, address, ward (dropdown list), nature of complaint, MCGM department, etc.
A workflow will direct the complaint to the concerned authority in the concerned ward. This authority can then address the complaint and/or redirect.
An escalation process is imperative wherein any complaint not addressed will be escalated within a time period.
Daily/weekly/monthly statistics will be generated on number of complaints, by ward, by department for both resolved and unresolved complaints.
On an average 30,000 complaints are generated per year.. Complaints received by phone/fax/post will be entered by a central agency into CMS.

1.6 Web interface for CFC
A fully functional web interface for the CFC, the Internet Citizen Facilitation tool will enable users to browse bills, pay online and print out applications from cyber cafes or even their own homes.
• The web based CFC interface should be an integral part of the MCGM portal
• It should have all the citizen-centric functionalities of the CFC software – Aqua, SWC
• Online Compliant Management System should interact directly with the CFCs, so that complaints are forwarded to the concerned wards automatically.

The Web CFC interface can be implemented in two phases. In phase one, the services with minimal MCGM involvement can be made available. These would be 
• Issuing of Birth certificates
• Issuing of Death certificates
• Renewal of licences

In the second phase, once the back end processes are in place, the next level of services can be offered
• Application and deliver of new licences – e.g. for shops and establishment
• Permission/Approval – e.g. road side Mandaps, pandals, repair to property.
• Accepting Payment of property tax bill
• Accepting Payment of water bill

1.7 MIS
• A comprehensive management information system on the back end will provide comprehensive statistics to the administrators. Information on every transaction conducted via the CFC will be stored in the MIS database. This information will be retrievable at the ward level, the department level or even the event level. This MIS will be accessible to privileged users (mainly administrators at the MCGM.
• The MIS should be able to describe Service Level Agreements (SLAs). It should track the time taken for the transaction, the frequency of transactions and be able to plot these findings across all wards and departments.

1.8 Payment Gateway
The portal should provide an online payment facility via a payment gateway. The following are the desired parameters of the gateway

1.1.1    Features to look for in a gateway

Product Features

Required Parameter

Credit Card Support

Support for All Major Cards



Ability to Change the look and feel of the Payment Pages

easy and fully brandable (preferable) or API calls based

Integration Process


Java (JSP)

Method for passing integration parameters

Checksum based

Level of Integration Difficulty


Fraud Prevention and Risk Mitigation

Instant Fraud Alert Mails for risky Transactions


Heuristic Fraud Pattern Matching and detection engine


Customisable Alert and Action criteria for Risky transactions


Comprehensive daily reports with Risk Scores per Transaction


Partial Captures and Refunds



24 x 7 Helpdesk


Comprehensive Online Knowledgebase


MIS Interface

Comprehensive MIS Interface


Online Journal Entries for all Transactions


Facility for online Capture & Reversals


Transaction Features

Auth & Capture Support


 1.9 Online Information Request System
• A system similar to the Online Complaint Management System should be deployed. 
• Like the OCMS, the system should be able to accept information requests from any interface in any ward, and forward it to the right department in the right ward. 
• The processing of information request should abide by the Maharashtra Right to Information act and any violation should be escalated to the next level within the timeframe so that the required information is made available to the requestor in time. 
• All requests must be recorded and the MIS should be able to provide a clear status of all requests – pending and cleared, in all wards. 
• The Act allows MCGM’s to charge a nominal fee for the information request. The system should allow the citizens to make these payments through convenient modes. This can be done either over the counter at the CFC, via the payment gateway on the portal or payment can be made to the courier on delivery.

1.10 Security systems
• There will be a robust security solution to filter all data moving from the portal to the back end processes and vice versa. Since the portal will be open to the Internet, the system will be exposed to viruses, worms and other security threats. 
• A firewall and software solutions to track and remove such security threats are a necessity. The Payment Gateway can use services to issue Digital Certificates and/or employ the https protocol to ensure safe e-transactions.

1.11 Intelligent Voice Recognition System (IVRS)
The IVR should be able to interface with the Portal database so that citizens can call the IVR and use the telephone keypad to obtain the status of their application or complaint.

Further, payments are collected for various purposes, which are listed in Annexure. Provision shall be made in the portal to enable the citizens to make such payments through the payment gateway in addition to the normal means. 

1) Executive summary of IT recommendation to MCGM
2) Payments received by MCGM
3) 240 services offered by MCGM

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