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Obligatory and Discretionary Duties of the Corporation
61.  Matters to be provided for by the corporation-

It shall be incumbent on the Corporation to make adequate provision, by any means or measures which it is lawfully competent to them to use or to take, for each of the following matters namely:-

a) the construction, maintenance and cleansing of drains and drainage works and of public latrines, urinals and similar conveniences;
aa) planning for economic and social development;
ab) urban forestry, protection of environment and promotion of ecological aspects;
b) the construction and maintenance of work and means for providing a supply of water for public and private purposes;
c) scavenging and the removal and disposal of excrementitious and other filthy matters and of all ashes, refuse and rubbish;
d) the reclamation of unhealthy localities, the removal of noxious vegetation and generally the abatement of all nuisances;
e) the regulation of places for the disposal of the dead and the provision of new places for the said purpose;
f) the registration of births and deaths;
[ff) public vaccination in accordance with the provision of the Bombay Vaccination Act, 1877;]
g) measures for preventing and checking the spread of dangerous diseases;
[(gg) establishing and maintaining public hospitals and dispensaries and carrying out other measures necessary for public medical relief;]
h) the construction and maintenance of public markets and slaughterhouses and the regulation of all markets and slaughter houses;

j) the regulation of offensive and dangerous trades;

k) The entertainment of fire brigade and the protection life and property in the case of fire:
l) the securing or removal of dangerous building and places;
m) the construction, maintenance, alteration and improvement of public streets, bridges, culverts, causeways and the like; (and also other measures for ensuring the safe & orderly passage of vehicular & pedestrians traffic on streets)
n) the lighting, watering and cleansing of public streets;
o) the removal of obstructions and projections in or upon streets, bridges and other public places;
p) the naming of streets and the numbering of premises;
q) maintaining, aiding and suitably accommodating schools for primary education (subject always to the grant of building grants by  (the State Government) in accordance with the Government Grant-in-aid Code for the time being in force);
r) the maintenance of municipal office and of all public monuments and other property vesting in the Corporation.
s) the obligations imposed by the City of Bombay municipal (Amendment) Act 1933 upon
the Corporation arising out of the transfer to the corporation of the powers duties assets and
liabilities of the Board of Trustees for the improvement of the ? City of Bombay constituted
under the City of Bombay improvement Trust Transfer Act 1925;
t) the improvement of (Brihan Bombay)    
63.  Matters which may be provided for by the Corporation at their discretion :-
 The Corporation may, in their discretion, provide from time to time, either wholly Or party,
for all or any of the following matters, namely :-
[(a) slum improvement & upgradation;
(aa) urban poverty alleviation;]
[(b) the furtherance of educational objects other than those mentioned in clause (q) of Section 61;
(c) the establishment, aiding or maintaining libraries, museums, art galleries, botanical or zoological collections;
(d) the laying or the maintenance of public parks, gardens or recreation grounds;
(e) the planting and care of trees on roadsides and elsewhere;
(f) surveys of buildings or lands;
(g) registration of marriages;
[(h) the taking of a census of the population];
(j) preparation and presentation of addresses to persons of distinction;
[(jj) providing music in public places or places of public resort;
(jja) the construction, purchase, organization, maintenance, extension & management of
tramways, trackless trams, or mechanically propelled transport facilities for the
conveyance of the public;
(jjb) the purchase, maintenance, management and conduct of any undertaking for the supply
of electric energy or gas to the public of the subsidizing of any such undertaking;
(jjc) the acquisition of immovable or moveable property for any of the purpose before
mentioned, including payment of the cost of investigations, surveys or examinations in
relation thereto, or the construction or adaptation of buildings necessary for such
[(jjd) with the previous sanction of the State Government and subject to such terms and
conditions as the State Government may impose, subscribing to the share capital of
anycompany or co-operative society, with a limited liability, established or to be
established for providing any services in Greater Bombay which are directly or
indirectly, useful to the Corporation in carryout out any of the duties imposed upon it by
or under the Act or any other law for the time being in force;]
(jje) welfare measures for the Schedule Cast , Schedule Tirbes, Vimukta Jatis & Nomadic Tribes & Nav Buddhas who are residing within the limits of the corporation area, and in particular taking such measures for the amelioration of the conditions of these classes as the state government may, from time to time, direct;]
(k) any measures not herein before specifically named, likely to promote public safety,
health, convenience or instruction;
[(l) making any contribution towards any public reception, ceremony or entertainment;
Provided that, the total expenditure on account of such contributions during any officials year
shall not exceed one lakh of rupees or such higher amount as the State Government may, from
time to time, by notification published in the Official Gazette, specify in this behalf.]
[(m) subject to such terms and conditions including provisions with regard to control and supervision as the corporation may deem fit to impose or make, making any contribution to a public trust registerd under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 for establishing or running a hospital to provide medical facilities to the employees of the [Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking] and the members of their families.]

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