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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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List of Contact Details of all Advance Locality Management Groups (ALMs)


The concept of Advance Locality Management has been well established in the City. 611 such groups have been registered in different parts of Greater Mumbai. The Corporation and the Advance Locality Management. Groups under partnerships keep area clean and resolve the problems of citizens on a sustainable basis. This has given desired results in many of these localities. The social organisations in Mumbai have formed an apex body called Agni [Action for good governance through net working India] to involve all concerned in the improvement of Mumbai. The corporation has continuous interaction with Agni to identify and solve the problems faced by Mumbai city like proper solid waste management, flooding etc.

Modern facility for public sanitary convenience 
Public sanitary facility is the basic need of the public and this need to be given importance by all concerned. This Corporation has already constructed above 450 PSC blocks with all sanitary facilities on pay and use basis. Corporation has also undertaken a project to construct 767 nos. of PSC blocks to improve the environmental conditions and to provide these basic needs to the huge floating population and commuters. These blocks will consist of toilets, urinals and a room for care taker who looks after the routine maintenance of PSC blocks. This will also include the facilities for handicapped and children.

Ban on Thin Plastic Bags 
Thin plastic bags cause lot of nuisance. They block drains and sewer lines and damage environment in many ways. Corporation is undertaking a program to discourage manufacturing, storage and use of these bags from 15th August 2000.

Conservancy services in slums on private land 
This Corporation had encouraged non-government organizations to maintain cleanliness in slums on private lands through their volunteers. But this arrangement was discontinued as per the directives of the Hon’ble Bombay High Court in Writ Petition No. 1334/99.

On trial basis Corporation has started awareness program in a slum colony known as Prem Nagar in P/South Ward of Western Suburb where indirect help is given by the Corporation to maintain the colony clean. The slum dwellers are actively participating in this cleanliness program. Looking to the success of this concept it will be extended to the other slum colonies in Mumbai. An Officer on Special Duty has been appointed to exclusively promote this activity.

Cleanliness in common passages of the buildings known as common house gullies. 
In old part of the city there are narrow passages between the buildings. These passages are used by the residents as garbage bins creating unhygienic conditions in the locality. Corporation is constantly encouraging these residents to dispose of their garbage in a correct manner by providing house to house services. It is decided to intensify and make concerted efforts to solve this difficult problem.


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