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Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd.  was founded in the year 1993, under the able guidance and flagship of Ms. Lina Ashar.  Taking cognisance of the fact that the traditional education system needed a facelift, Lina dared to dream of an environment where children would be learning for life.  Armed with a vision of initiating a change in the mental modelí institutions have of schooling and in the process, of education and learning itself, Kangaroo Kids has grown into a seasoned entity, consisting of 49 schools in 15 cities.  We run early child care preschools in the name of Kangaroo Kids and High schools in the name of Billabong High. Our other endeavours include Gymbaroo, which is a unique mother-toddler club, and Kangabeat, which is a musical venture.


Today, KKEL is a leading provider of curriculum frameworks that develops a range of pathways to life long learning. It has developed unique and successful learning systems, which has led our children to discover the joy and love of learning. Learning which is hands on, experiential and stress free. The KKEL philosophy is to create learners with complex, flexible maps of learning that allow them to change course if necessary; and not create robots who execute rote memory of course content.


It is said the length of your education is less important than itís expanse and the length of your life is less important than itís depth. KKEL lives by this maxim.  We can cite a very recent example, April 30th being Anti-Child labour Day, we had carried out an Anti-Child Labour campaign at Billabong high for 5th graders. 


The objective was to orient school children to sensitive issues/problems in our country.  Therefore the purpose was to make them aware of the existence of certain groups in Society who are denied their rights.  The social service module aims to encourage privileged children to become more sensitive to the conditions in which the underprivileged live and their needs.


In the current global scenario, any organization, public or private cannot operate in isolation of its environment.  Every company needs to make a conscious choice to plough back into the society. At KKEL, we recognize and appreciate this fact, and have an unspoken commitment to social responsibility. KKEL operates a trust called the 'Kangaroo Kids Bal Atma Jyoti'. All social projects are undertaken under the aegis of this trust. One such project is ART ON STREETS.


v    Our first step has been to start an intervention programme for the Children of Ashray- a shelter home for children affected by AIDS. During the summer break teachers from our Pali hill centre volunteer and organize a fun-filled summer camp for these children.

v    The Paediatric ward at Bhabha hospital has appalling conditions. We are committed to giving it a facelift and making it more cheerful for children.

v    We are enhancing and enriching the curriculum of two Balwadis, One at Dharavi and another at Kalina.Both these are under the umbrella of SHED (Society for human and Environmental Development)


This is a very small beginning-the tip of the iceberg so to say.


Our vision is to undertake many more such projects for the socially disadvantaged children.


Uma Oza               
Shivani M.S